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What is the purpose of the college?
Are they spending our money wisely?
Are they following the law?
Residents take note…


A censure for speaking out (Chicago Trib)


For the Good of Illinois’ report on the COD meeting of 8/21/2014 (with links to other reports and video)


AG: “You Have No Authority to Sanction”…


Open meetings act violations filed against the College of DuPage board.


…and from a few years ago


The Academic Bill of Rights (ABOR) which calls for an academic environment where decisions are made irrespective of one’s personal political or religious beliefs, was passed by to COD board in April 2009 and rescinded by the new board in May 2009.  Kim Savage and Nancy Svoboda who were new to that board voted to rescind and are up for election in 2015. New that year and voting to rescind, but no longer on the board is Sandy Kim. And new in 2009, still on the board, but not voting to rescind is Allison O’Donnell. Why is this important?  Because, we need good fiscally responsible people who do not condone indoctrination to run for COD board.


Fiscal 2012 these 4 for profit operation run by the College of DuPage lost $1.8+ million dollars.

  • Waterleaf Restaurant (576,000)
  • WDCB jazz radio station (592,000)
  • MAC entertainment center (519,000)
  • Inn at Water’s Edge hotel (152,000)

Total Loss (1,839,000)

Edgar County Watchdogs – What’s up in Naperviile?

The have several articles about  the city of Naperville, which of course is in DuPage County .

  • City of Naperville uses Private Detectives to Investigate Citizens – click here 
  • Naperville Hired PR Hitmen… – click here
  • “Reverse Spin” – DuPage forest district paying consultants $66,000 – click here




Zoning rules exist for a reason.  They keep a neighbor from changing their property in such a way that it devalues the surrounding properties.    With County board elections next week, a reminder is in order.

In 2009,  An Islamic group bought a house, zoned residential, near Army Trail and Smith in West Chicago IL, and began using it for religious services.  The quantity and frequency of traffic became problematic and so the neighbors complained about this illegal use of the property.  The early DuPage County Board meetings found against ICWS use of the property, but, having not finalized it, the saga went on and the final meeting found in favor of ICWS.

At all Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) board meetings from 2009 thru 2012 at which a decision regarding ICWS was made, they voted NO to the ICWS requests.  At one Development meeting they voted YES but the full County Board vote was not taken until 2012, at which point the county board voted NO to the conditional use request.   The NO vote from the county in 2012 should have ended this request forever.

However Continue reading “ISLAMIC CENTER WESTERN SUBURBS (ICWS) – Is the Law the Law?”

DuPage Rain Tax

On Aug 13, 2013 Governor Quinn signed HB1522, allowing DuPage County to enact a stormwater “utility fee” on all properties in the county. The fees, if enacted by the county, will have an adverse impact on property rights as well as being one more mandatory expense, with no guaranty of alleviating flooding.

  • Fees would be placed on ALL properties in DuPage County including homes, businesses, schools, churches and the forest preserves.
  • The fee-waiver system is designed to push property owners into installing and maintaining expensive green infrastructure on their property.  Once installed, unelected county staff will have control of it and your property.
  • Administering the new fee-waiver program will greatly increase the cost of storm water management.
  • Granting fee-waivers could open the door for corruption.
  • This new fee could be the largest tax increase in DuPage County history. Continue reading “DuPage Rain Tax”