Public comments needed – $10 million Election Equipment.

This Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021, 10 am,  the DuPage County Board has on their agenda the approval of $10 million to buy new vote counting equipment.  Have the county board members had a chance to properly review the proposal? Are they aware that the equipment that they plan to buy does not meet the certification required of the RFP?  See: Op-ed: There are ‘concerns’ with DuPage County’s planned voting system purchase  $10,000,000 will be devastating if the machines cannot be certified. 

We know the reason given for needing new machines is that the existing ones are “old” and no longer supported.  But, I wonder why they could not be used for the primary (which has been moved from March to June). if new, certified equipment cannot be found, would it be possible to hire enough people to hand count the low-turn-out primary ballots?

You can submit public comments in person by attending the meeting or electronically by going to and clicking on “Meeting Public Comment Form” in the left column.

This item is on the agenda under “9. Finance B… B.            FI-P-0347-21 : Recommendation for the approval of a contract to Hart InterCivic, for the purchase of a voting equipment system and services license maintenance, for the DuPage County Clerk – Election Division, for the period September 14, 2021 through November 30, 2031, for a contract total amount of $10,641,635.98, per RFP #21-052-CC.”

The goal for all Election Authorities should be “Easy to vote, but hard to cheat.”  How does the equipment and their processes achieve this goal?

As I find out more, I will post more – watch this site.

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