Diversity, Equity, Inclusion task force

From Friend’s FIOA: The people who are on the CUSD 200 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion task force.

Most of them are district employees. All seem to be “true believers” in EQUITY – meaning “Equal Outcomes.” Two of the “community members” do NOT live in our district. Why were they included? Why is there no diversity of opinion?

 What we found out about those who are “community members”:

Anjail Bharadwa: Wheaton resident, School Board Candidate in 2021

Rebecca Lastres: Naperville resident who does NOT live in the district!

An Ha: Carol Stream resident

Erin Groth: Wheaton resident, Works in Addison trail school (science dept chair) has Dr. Ed (with emphasis in ED-school policy, diversity and equity in education)

Nicky Taylor Steward: Winfield resident

Regina Brent: Aurora resident, does NOT live in District!  Founder and president of “Unity Partnership”.  We found a google-doc link on a FaceBook page, in which she threw the police under the bus.  Summer of 2020 she organized a George Floyd rally in Naperville – River walk area. Then she organized another protest in downtown Naperville, which lasted until dusk when BLM showed up and rioted. 

Lee Samuelson Prior: Wheaton resident

 Julia Oltmann: Wheaton resident On a Wheaton college board: center for faith & innovation. Her LinkedIn says she is an employment attorney who specializes in diversity, inclusion and equity, employee resource groups, affirmative action, ethics and compliance, investigations, and employee development and culture.

Mary Yeboah: Now on the CUSD 200 Board, works at Wheaton College, previously a member of the CUSD 200 Citizens Advisory Council.

From that FOIA we learned that they read the book “Suddenly Diverse: How School Districts Manage Race and Inequality

The same FOIA ask for, but did NOT receive: “Please provide me with tangible information which prompted the formation of an EQUITY TASK FORCE as it pertains  ONLY TO CUSD 200 – In other words please provide me with factual information proving we have had inequity issues in CUSD 200 Schools”

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