The Census & Congressional seats

Every ten years the USA conducts a full census in accordance with the US Constitution. One was just done for 2020 and they are late releasing the results.  Yesterday, they released the changes to how many Congressional seats each state will have.  In Illinois, our legislature has until June 30,2021 (2+ months) to redraw the maps for the federal congressional districts as well as the Illinois state House and Senate districts. Pettitions for the 2022 elections will need to be completed this fall. It feels like the last election just ended and the next is about to begin.

States losing 1 Congressional seat each (5 blue states, 2 red states)

  • Illinois (blue)
  • California (blue),
  • Michigan (blue),
  • New York (blue),
  • Ohio (red),
  • Pennsylvania (blue) and
  • West Virginia (red)

States gaining Congressional seats (2 blue states, 5 red states) How do we keep those moving from bringing their failed “blue” policies with them.?

  • Texas (+2 seats is red)
  • Florida (red),
  • Colorado (blue),
  • Montana (red),
  • North Carolina (red), and
  • Oregon (blue)

For an historical point of view, see this post from 2014

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