Milton Township Referendum: Just Vote NO!


Shall Milton Township establish and maintain community mental health facilities and services including services for the person with a developmental disability or substance disorder and levy therefore an annual tax of not to exceed .15%?

While we do not deny that Mental Health is a real issue, we Simply don’t think that throwing more money at it, without a plan, is a solution.


  1. The current Milton Township tax rate is .0408, this new tax can be as high as .15. That is over 3.5 times the current township rate for a new tax! Our property tax bills are already too high.
  2. Mental health services are the responsibility of the State and County, not the Township.
  3. Taxpayers built a state-of-the-art mental health facility just five years ago in the heart of Milton Township at the County complex. NAMI DuPage does a great job helping people with mental health issues. This is unneeded at the Township level.
  4. Over 70% on Milton residents have PRIVATE insurance to access mental health services and other residents already have access to services through the county and state programs.
  5. This referendum is only for mental health. Not for any other services for addiction or the developmentally disabled. Do not be misled by the wording of the referendum.
  6. This new board and referendum to fund it have never been discussed and approved at a Milton Township board meeting.
  7. This referendum was an initiative of a small group who collected petition signatures.  We did not know about the petition until it was too late to challenge the signatures. A quick look and we found that many were obviously outside the township or illegible. Milton residents should have been informed and given time to participate prior to it appearing on the ballot.
  8. If this passes, it will establish a new Mental Health “slush-fund” to be spent (given as Grants) by a yet-to-be-appointed, 7-person, unelected board.  That is too much power, in too few hands, especially given the fact that we haven’t seen a plan.
  9. And the referendum supporters are not being truthful about how much it will cost taxpayers. A flyer that I was given claims it “would cost only $6 per month on a hone valued at $300,000.” The referendum authorizes more than double that amount.

The Law:

The Illinois State Law governing the creation, discontinuation, taxation, and referendums for 708 Mental Health Boards is:

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