April 6th Consolidated Election

The people elected in these Consolidated Elections make HUGE decisions which impact our lives every day. SCHOOL Boards, Library Boards, Village Boards, etc. They decide if children will be EDUCATED or INDOCTRINATED. They decide how much tax is levied for every line item on YOUR property tax bills! CHOOSE WISELY and then GET OUT AND VOTE.

Print your sample ballot:

Go to your county election website. (e.g., https://www.dupageco.org/VoterLookup/ ) Download your sample ballot (enter your data, search, and look for a pdf link to your sample ballot). Do your research. Mark up your sample ballot and take it into the voting booth with you.

If there is a check box with a line on a race for write-in candidates you should consider them as well. For DuPage County, the list of potential write-in names can be found on https://www.dupageco.org/Election/Candidates_and_Campaigns/37053/  Be sure to spell the name exactly as it shows on the listing including the middle initial if one exists. Close is not good enough for election counting.

What I want from my Local Government (I hope you agree):

  • safe neighborhoods,
  • good schools,
  • affordable taxes, and
  • reliable, efficient local government services.

with this in mind I am posting my picks and few that have been given to me by reliable friends.

I suggest you find your sample ballot, and do your own research as well.

I have already posted some of my picks here.  I will post more from friends as I receive them.

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