CUSD 200 School Board Candidates – Found on FaceBook

We found an endorsement on Susan  Booton’s Facebook page for the four Union-pick-their-own-boss candidates, followed by a very partisan attack against the slate of candidates who want to open the schools full-time for in-class education.  She writes “By accepting this partisan endorsement for a non-partisan position, this slate of candidates demonstrate that they embrace…” I wonder, is Ms. Booton really that unaware of her own partisan actions?

How many of you think it is “fair” that we are paying FULL-Taxes for public schools that are providing only part-time education?  How many students are falling behind?  Why isn’t the district pushing back against un-funded state mandates, and changes to curriculum that are politicizing education while leaving less precious class time for  the basics like Reading, Writing & Arithmetic?  It is time to pay attention, & VOTE!

Ms. Booton is a current CUSD 200 School board member, who prior to being elected was a well paid vendor of the district. Their firm provided referendum videos.  If you search for “Booton” on you will find several articles that reference her or their company, Ivor Andrews a.k.a. Boost Marketing. 

I totally disagree with Ms. Booton on which candidates will be best for the Students & the community.  I am endorsing the slate for CUSD 200 (last four on the ballot- Nickell, Evans, Spans, and Blatner).  They are people who actually care about the kids.  They know something is very wrong. I’m sure you sense it too. They want to fix it. I trust them to do their best.  True, they are not polished politicians – this year that may be exactly what we need.  The other choices represent the status quo – Rubber Stamp-ers who will go along with whatever the superintendent wants. We had excellent schools in the not so distant past. what happened?  Test scores were falling pre-Covid – since Covid, it’s been part-time education with no standardized testing.

The following is what “Susan Edelman Booton” posted on FaceBook, in Italics with my thoughts in []. 

Our right to vote is a sacred one. We have free and secure elections so that we can elect those that best represent the beliefs for which we stand. In my work over the years with various local campaigns, I have always said that my main goal is for people to have accurate information with which to make their decision. How they then vote is completely their right and choice.

[ I recall mis-leading information in videos Boost Marketing produced, for example: ]

There are four candidates running as a slate at the bottom of the ballot for the CUSD 200 School Board. These are people who hastily put together their filing papers in the last few days before filing ended with the sole purpose to open schools by any means. According to their Daily Herald responses, they have little to no service experience in any capacity within our district schools. While they can show up at a bar– maskless, in close contact, and not supporting a local district business–to answer questions from their own supporters, not even one could make time to answer rapid-response questions from the general public at an event hosted by the League of Women Voters, a well-respected forum for local elections that has been taking place for years.

[The League of Women Voters leans hard Left, like Ms. Booton. While they collect questions from the audience, their members choose which ones are actually asked.]

In addition, these four candidates–Nickell, Evans, Spans, and Blatner– are endorsed by former Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives as evidenced by this photo from the recent aforementioned gathering (which was also hosted by a proud attendee of the January 6 insurrection on our nation’s capital). By accepting this partisan endorsement for a non-partisan position, this slate of candidates demonstrate that they embrace what Ms. Ives has repeatedly and unapologetically stood for over the course of her career, which was summed up in her campaign ad that aired a few years ago in her run for Governor that was called “the most sexist, racist, homophobic, and hate-filled ad” ever seen and people across all political affiliations condemned it. She also has a well documented history of aggression towards teachers and their union.

[Sue, your hard-Left partisan-ship is showing.]

[BTW: Ms. Booton’s endorsement is now posted “public.” ]

In a public video posted of this event, these four bottom candidates were taking audience questions. Below is a direct transcript of one question and answer from one of the slate candidates:

“Q: How will you handle other Board members saying “No” to full time 5 days in person?

A: There are seven people on the Board, four of them up for re-election, mathematics tells me that if four people vote one way, you have the majority. Which is why it’s important for not just me to get in, not just one of us, all four of us need to get in. We have control right away. All four of us get in, the president gets voted out. We can elect a new president. So if all four of us are in, we get to control that. We get to dictate that. And we have the deciding vote, between all of us. So, again, don’t just vote for one of us, vote for all four of us, so we have the ability to fight that.”

[So? They agreed to stick together on the selection of a board president and on insisting that the district get back to full-time student EDUCATION.  You have a problem with that?]

No mention of student needs. No mention of open-mindedness. A crystal-clear intention to not collaborate in any way with the other three sitting School Board members who were duly elected for their views and experience. By hitching their slate’s horse to Ms. Ives’ hate-filled wagon, they clearly demonstrate that they do not care about equity and making our schools a safe place for ALL students and staff. Through their own words, they only care about power and control. Control over your children’s safety while only having their own in mind. Control over the education your child receives at their sole discretion. They will just get rid of what doesn’t serve their own personal interests. Just the four of them. Everyone else, well…as they said, they’ll dictate that.

[Jeanne Ives is NOT “Hate-filled.”  This post by Ms. Booton is. ]

A CUSD 200 School Board member serves and represents 12,000 students over a four year term. Information is important. Be sure you have it before you vote.

[Yes, check out what really has happened in CUSD 200 – that did not make the main stream news, or the district news letter.  You can find history, here on]

[Check “Susan Edelman Booton” Facebook page for all the public comments on this post. Here are a couple from politicians (Erica Bray-Parker is on Wheaton city council) and relatives of school board members Booton or Paulsen.]

3 thoughts on “CUSD 200 School Board Candidates – Found on FaceBook

  1. There is so much to unpack with Ms. Susan Booton’s comments on her facebook.
    Keep in mind she is an elected non-partisan school board member.
    The only statement Ms. Booton makes that has any credibility is “our right to vote is a sacred one”.
    Ms. Booton “claims” that four candidates running at the bottom of the slate “hastily” put their filing papers together (which is irrelevant), but is merely conjecture on her part. Where did she get her information? Does Ms. Booton know that her fellow board member, Ms. Ginna Erickson, whom she had nothing negative to say about, did not circulate ONE petition on her own? Does she know that Barb Intihar (former school board member) and Chris Crabtree (current sitting board member) did her bidding for her. Where is the Diversity Ms. Booton? Ms. Erickson never attended a school board meeting until she got elected to the school board and you are demonizing these four individuals that you do not agree with politically?
    Ms. Booton is letting her partisan politics show in her comments with her unabashed hatred for Jeanne Ives, while she chastises her opponents for being partisan.
    She then demonizes them for supporting each other because they are saying vote for us, while SHE supports the candidates endorsed by the union. Can we say Pot kettle? Really Ms. Booton?
    Ms. Booton mentions “open mindedness” when she is attacking taxpayers and parents who do not agree with her and has been a “Rubber Stamper” for the status quo. I wonder if she is still getting business from the district, directly or indirectly?
    Ms. Booton claims that her opponents (even though she is not running) do not care about diversity, yet her and her husbands company (IVOR ANDREWS) employ 12 people, 8 of which are men, 7 white and 1 Asian and 4 White females (1 of which is Ms. Booton). Ms Booton has been an outspoken supporter of Refugees/Immigrants and claims to be about diversity, yet one has to ask why have they not hired any refugees? She needs to Walk the Talk if she expects to have any credibility.
    She goes on to PROJECT that “they only care about power and control” after she sits on this school board exerting power and control, keeping the schools shut down against the wishes of a majority of parents. (The hypocrisy is rich).
    She attacks them about “their personal interests” when she and her husband have enriched themselves by raking in tens of thousands of dollars from Ms. PR person Erica Loiacono for helping the District Spin Propaganda to push through their agenda. Ms. Booton spoke at a school board meeting claiming we should pay more in taxes, yet she has been enriching herself with tax payer dollars. She and her husband should have done the work pro bono to help the refugees in the community.
    Ms. Booton goes on to claim that a “CUSD 200 School Board member serves and represents 12,000 students over a four year term”, yet she demonized parents for not wanting the LGBTQ agenda forced on their children. Who was Ms. Booton representing? Her agenda and her beliefs.
    It is clear that Ms. Booton is a political partisan sitting on a “non-partisan” school board, pushing through one political agenda while attacking others who do not agree with her. She says one thing and does another.
    Cusd 200 schools promote “Character Counts’ and Ms. Booton has blatantly violated the pillars.
    Ms. Booton should keep her politics out of her comments as a non-partisan elected official.
    We can do better in electing officials. Ms. Booton Should be censored for violating the Boards own public comment policy on respect and civility.


  2. Why is it when these people throw up the Capitol incident, no one responds with the BLM riots? They are calling this guy an insurgent because he attended a rally in DC? He did NOT participate in the violent breach of the Capitol, correct? (If so, I guess he needs to be turned in to the FBI…..but they want to defund/abolish law enforcement ….soooo…..). Weren’t there around 500,000 people at this rally? Using their logic, how is that any different than them attending BLM protests and people calling them remorseless rioters and looters who injured (and killed) officers (David Dorn, Patrick Underwood who were black by the way), set police cars on fire, destroyed businesses, repeatedly tried to destroy police departments and federal buildings, etc? Jesus. Do people have amnesia? Someone needs to explain this as I do not understand. I guess one form of anarchy is ok and the other isn’t? Both are disgusting and should be prosecuted rigorously.

    I also recall Ms Booton being upset to the point of nearly crying in a meeting saying that community members were mean and criticizing them this year – then turns around and contributes to this sort of partisan rhetoric? None of it is cool.

    These are adults?!!! We have kids who need to make up for a lost year!!


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