“Clean Slate” endorses two for COD

Six years ago, you helped elect the “Clean Slate”, to bring some sorely needed reform to the College of DuPage, which was suffering under some very difficult times. We accomplished a lot over the past 6 years, instituting many policy changes including adopting the recommendations from the State Auditor General and returned the College of DuPage to full accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.

Now, all three of us, Deanne Mazzochi, Frank Napolitano and Charles Bernstein are endorsing two candidates to provide continuity to the exceptional progress the college achieved over our term of 6 years; Heidi Holan and Andrew Manno. Together Heidi and Andrew will continue these reforms and best practices, focus on Student Success, and defend the Taxpayer’s dollars that the institution is entrusted with.

Heidi Holan was appointed to serve out State Representative Deanne Mazzochi’s term in 2019 and has been an excellent asset to the Board. Heidi attended COD, her husband attended COD and both of her children attended COD. Heidi has chaired the Academic Committee and has been the Board’s liaison to the Illinois Community College Trustee Association for the past 2 years. Prior to her appointment she also served on the College of DuPage’s budget committee. Heidi is the only incumbent running for reelection and the board would benefit greatly from her continuity. Please help us in supporting Heidi Holan

Andrew Manno is a graduate of Illinois State University and John Marshall Law School and is an accomplished trial attorney. He is also a law educator at John Marshall Law School. He will bring fresh ideas to the Board of Trustees. He has plans to help the college boost enrollment post-Covid, help reduce student loan debt, and help students enter the workforce quicker. He is fiscally conservative and will balance the interests of all stakeholders. Please join us in supporting Andrew Manno.

Several of the other candidates for the College of DuPage wish to undo all the hard work and reform measures we put in place. These candidates that will help keep the College of DuPage on the right path and have the endorsement of all of us, are Heidi Holan and Andrew Manno.

Proudly endorsing Heidi and Andrew,

Deanne Mazzochi, Elmhurst

Frank Napolitano, Bloomingdale

Charles Bernstein, Wheaton

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