School cost per-pupil

On 10/30/2019 The Daily Herald published an article about the per-pupil cost of schools, the following is a summary of some key facts from it:

“While the average per-pupil cost at a typical suburban preschool is $15,250 and median cost is $13,814, the top five suburban early childhood schools are spending roughly $30,000 or more.”

Type (suburban) Average per-pupil expense Median per-pupil cost
Pre-schools $15,250 $13,814
Elementary Schools 14,545 $13,986
Middle schools $14,377 $13,991
High Schools $14,612 $13,905

Top per-pupil pre-K

  1. Ann Reid in Naperville D203, $36,633
  2. Jefferson in Wheaton D200, $34,969
  3. Prairie Children Preschool in Aurora, $34,274
  4. Queen Bee in Glendale Heights, $33,751
  5. Rondout Elementary in Lake Forest, $31,491
  6. Geneva 304 Early Learning Program, $30,875.

Full DH article: 

Note: Typically preschoolers attend ½-day four-days/week, Kindergarten is ½-day five days/week, grades 1-12 are full-day 5 days/week.



Based on the 1990 Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 school report card and an inflation calculator the per-pupil operating cost (district-wide data) was

$3,317 in 1986… adjusted for inflation, in 2019 should be $7,770.71

$4,438 in 1990… adjusted for inflation, in 2019 should be $8,718.41

d200 1990 RC cont

This spending (both 1990 operating cost and 2019 per-pupil) does not include cost of construction or debt services.

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