D200 Candidates’ School Board Comments


 I went through the D200 board meeting minutes to see how often each of this year’s candidates has spoken, and on what topics.  I did not check for committee meetings.  Mr. Lonks attends the finance committee and the facilities committee meetings on a regular basis.  As far as I can tell, others do not.  For each entry, regular font is what appears in the minutes, Italics for more detail based on listening to the videos. Links to a few videos are at the bottom of this post.


Harold Lonks

Harold has spoken many times over 8+ years at board meetings on a wide variety of topics.

Year_Mo_day topics from the meeting minutes
2010_8_25 topic not specified
2010_9_22 Budget
2011_10_26 (end-of-meeting) Finance
2010_12_8 (end-of-meeting) Revenue
2011_6_8 Technology & Budget
2011_7_13 Mr. Lonks asked questions about some line items and distributed a sheet of questions.   Mr. Farley will follow-up with Mr. Lonks to address his questions.
2011_8_24 Budget
2011_11_9 IEP Software renewal
2012_2_8 Technology
2012_2_22 (end-of-meeting) Meeting Comments
2012_5_9 Consent Agenda Items (beginning & end)
2012_6_13 (end-of-meeting) Agenda Items
2012_11_28 Jefferson
2012_12_12 (end-of-meeting) Jefferson design and funding options
2013_2_13 Facilities
2013_5_8 (end-of-meeting) Agenda
2013_6_12 (end-of-meeting) Public Comments
2013_8_14 GCA Contract
2013_9_11 Budget
2013_10_9 Agenda
2014_1_4 Debt (others spoke of B-Sports)
2014_2_26 Bonds (D200 issued $10 million in bonds without referendum)
2014_3_12 GCA Contract, Technology, Financial Report
2014_8_13 budget
2014_11_12 Tax Levy
2015_3_11 Cell Phone Tower/Budget
2015_5_13 Technology Spending
2015_6_4 Contract and Public Comments
2015_6_10 Tech & Contracts (& end-of-meeting) Public Comments
2015_11_11 Calendar/Audit
2015_12_9 Calendar
2016_9_14 EnerNOC, Community Survey, Master Facility Plan
2016_11_1 Budget for Proposed Projects

Wants included in the list of things to do

2016_11_9 Proposed Calendar and Tax Abatement Agreement
2017_1_11 Action Items, Capital Renewal Funding, Bond Resolution

Sherman Dergis (fund building maintenance continually)

2017_2_8 Fund Raising Feasibility Study /  Facility Master Plan
2017_3_8 (end-of-meeting) referendum

Trust – $ on lit is misleading

Vroman “Point of clarification, neither the district nor the board sent those out” But Sue Booton was helping design  the lit for the Say-yes group.

2017_11_8 Consent Agenda – Synergy Renewal and Bond Operating Principles

Policy – Email questions to superintendent prior to meeting who will respond to all board members – how is that open communications? Does it violate open meetings act?… board policies conflict

2017_12_13 Superintendent Contract

We have a spending problem – like a super star, with bonuses

2018_1_17 Performance Contracting

(How do you track operational expenditures?  why raising fees again? A Board member said “fees raised to feel the pain because the referendum wasn’t passed”)

2018_1_31 (end-of-meeting) Budgeting & Forecasting
2018_3_14 Board Expenditure/HS Textbooks/Lease Agreement

(Harold read the floor debate from 2001 when the school code was changed to include the word “Lease” – referendum required to build.  Harold said he thinks we need a new Jefferson, but we need to do it legally)

2018_5_9 Consent Agenda & WWEA Contract

(why is the dollar amount not on the agenda? Utilization report on laptops before we by more, WWEA new pay micro credentials… Contract is not a fair contract or win… how do you plan to pay for it all?)

2018_6_1 WNHS
2018_7_11 Policy 7.40 (Home school participating in extra-curricular), Personnel Report
2018_10_10 Accounts payable, Calendar Survey
2018_12_12 Sports fees

Chris Crabtree

Chris was elected to the board in 2015.   She spoke a couple of times prior to that

2013_9_11 PTA Gifts
2014_7_9 Engage 200
2015_3_11 New Special Needs PTA
2015_4_29 first meeting with Chris Crabtree as a board member
2017_1_11 Chris Crabtree (at 1:11:28)  on the vote to place the 2017 $132 Million referendum on the ballot(praises “an authentic process” the Engage 200, she thinks the community was driving the process. See engage200-all-a-plan and engage200-aka-well-oiled-lachine)
2018_5_9 Chris Crabtree (at 1:42:25) comments on the collective Bargaining agreement for WWEA (teachers)

Chris Crabtree (2:02:20) pushed back on the High School Handbook – not user friendly.  


Susan Booton

Susan spoke 8 times:

2013_2_13 Jefferson Referendum
2013_9_11 Jefferson
2014_2_12 Bond Issue “issuing a $10M bond is not a burden, it is a well investment… they are worth every single penny…
2016_4_13 Master Facility Plan

“YES to all of it” The dashboard at our school is lit up like a Christmas tree… Oswego taxes are higher than Wheaton. What on Earth are we waiting for?” (comments made prior to 2017’s $132 million referendum

2016_12_14 Facility Master Plan

big supporter of the plan ($132Million referendum) Other districts spend more per student than Wheaton… willing to pay more. What is the plan B?  If this fails what will be cut?

2017_2_8 Facility Master Plan

They are needs not wants – time for our community to step up

2018_1_17 Jefferson ECC

asks them to keep their eye on the ball and vote for Jefferson (build without referendum)

2018_3_14 New Early Childhood Center / Secure Entries

“please” build a new Jefferson

Mary Yeboah & David Long

“Mary Yeboah,“  “Dave Long” and “David Long” were not found in any board minutes

December 14, 2016

Susan Booton (at 18:40) a big supporter of the plan ($132Million referendum) Other districts spend more per student than Wheaton… willing to pay more What is the plan B?  If this fails what will be cut?

January 11, 2017

Jan Shaw (at 10:30 ) and Harold Lonks (at 15:23). Jan shaw – We need to cut spending first, lists several potential cuts. Harold spoke about the need to fund building maintenance continually and stop the spend/tax to the max policy.

Chris Crabtree (at 1:11:28)  on the vote to place the 1017 $132 Million referendum (praises “an authentic process” the Engage 200, she thinks the community was driving the process. See engage200-all-a-plan and engage200-aka-well-oiled-lachine)


December 13, 2017

Harold Lonks (at 14:47) We have a spending problem – we are treating the Superintendent like a super star, with bonuses


March 14, 2018

Susan Booton (at 21:22) followed by Harold Lonks at 22:45.  The district was looking to build without the legally required referendum. Susan Booton simply wants Jefferson built.  Harold lists several items and then asks the district to make sure what they are planning is legal.  “…This law that was passed back in 2001 was never meant to circumvent the obligation of a referendum for construction.  So I hope the board has the courage to table the vote tonight get better legal counsel on whether or not lease certificate is actually legal… I do agree we need a new Jefferson. However, I do think we should be sure the direction we go is legally binding.



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