D200 Candidate information

LWV forum

Four Candidates appeared at the League of Women Voters CUSD School Board Candidate Forum.  Harold Lonks was out of town watching his daughter compete in the United States Figure Skating National Synchronized Ice Skating Novice Championships – They took 4th.

As you watch, notice, that there are no questions on finances or facilities – two topics that have been important in the community.


Candidate profiles

The Daily Herald has posted Candidate Profiles.  The ones for Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 are:

And their Endorsement

Jan Shaw’s Comments:

Facebook and the Daily Herald are not letting my comment post.  Am I blocked or is Facebook having general problems? Date 3/13/2019.  In case, I cannot post, and f or those without facebook, I am including my comments here.


What I attempted to post on the Crabtree Candidate Profile:

==  A year ago, our administrators took a pay freeze. ==  I had told the board that the top 49 administrators were not paying their own employee portion of their pension contribution.  The total is about $500,000 (half-million) per year).  Contract approvals were delayed one month, and the administrators agreed to forego the 1% raise they had previously planned.

Months later they approved a new 4-year contract for the superintendent.  It includes a new signing bonus should he sign again, and a smaller bonus, should he leave.


I also told them that ALL end-of-career bonuses must go.  These bonuses replaced end-of-career salary spikes.  None of this should have ever existed!


Comment on Booton’s Candidate Profile

While Ms. Booton has never been technically employed by D200, the company she and her husband own, Boost Marketing, has been a district vendor.  They have been paid approximately $30,000 for PR videos.


On the Endorsement page:

I checked D200 meeting minutes to see how often each of the candidates has made public comments at board meetings and on what topics.
Harold Lonks has spoken 47 times since Aug 2010. His topics include: Budget, Technology, Software renewal, Consent Agenda Items, Jefferson, Facilities, Public Comment policy, Bonds without referendum (or public’s knowledge), Vendor Contracts, Superintendent Contract, Teachers’ Union Contract, Tax Levy, Cell Phone Tower on school property, School Calendar, Community Survey, Master Facility Plan, Financial audit, Performance Contracting, Textbooks, Lease Certificates, Homeschool policy and the ever increasing school fees.

Crabtree spoke three times prior to being elected to the board. Her topics: PTA gifts, Engage 200, and New Special Needs PTA.
As a school board member the only time I saw her speak up against the administration was to request a redesign of the parent handbook to make it more user-friendly.

Sue Booton has spoken 8 times between Feb 2013 and March 2018. All regarding Jefferson, Facility Master Plan, Referendums, or justifying more bonds and higher taxes.

Dave Long and Mary Yeboah are not listed have having ever spoken.




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