REFERENDUM TO NOWHERE – Part 8 – Unfair, Wasteful and Unaffordable – $140,000,000.00 Referendum 3.1

This Referendum to Nowhere is UNFAIR because it does not address the fundamental and systemic issues faced by District 86.  The referendum does nothing to correct the student population imbalance between the Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South.  It does nothing to correct the curriculum inequity between Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South.  And finally, and more egregiously the referendum does nothing to address segregation within the District.

This Referendum to Nowhere is WASTEFUL because the School Board has the money and bonding authority to address the $11,010,540.00 in costs to correct all safety, security and accessibility issues in the District.  However, the Board is using the safety, security and accessibility issue to drive the remaining $128,805,443.00 in waste.  You will recall that this waste includes $24,343,066.00 in new pools, $15,275,000.00 for a new counseling center, and $2,301,600.00 for AstroTurf fields.   To drive home this effort the Board has cynically created fake cuts to $1.2 million in children’s extra-curricular activities to force the community to support this referendum.

Finally, this Referendum to Nowhere is simply UNAFFORDABLE.  Our taxes go up year after year, and  government just wants more and more of our hard-earned money. We already pay among the highest property taxes in the entire country, and now District 86 wants us to pay even more.

Our taxes have gone up considerably in recent years with District 86 playing a significant role in our property taxes skyrocketing. Every year, they raise taxes by the maximum amount allowed by law. Now they want another $140,000,000.00 in taxes, $208,000,000.00 with interest, which translates into an additional $5,940.27 in property taxes to your home over the next 20 years. This would be the single-largest property tax increase this area has ever seen.

When will it be enough? These high taxes are hurting our property values. District 86 spends over $26,000.00 per studentper year.  We know our community is a prime destination, yet our home values have stagnated. Realtors across the country will tell you the reason: our massive property tax bills. Families aren’t lining up to move into homes where they’ll pay nearly as much or more in taxes than they will for their mortgage, no matter how good our schools are.

We can attract new families to our community and increase our home values with a balance of affordable taxes and good schools. We need to VOTE NO on this unaffordable referendum and then work together to achieve the proper balance.

Don’t let the District scare you into voting for the referendum. The truth is they are already addressing many of the priority life safety items without the referendum. If funding these items was truly a priority, they would have asked us to fund only those high-priority projects, which would have been a mere $42 million referendum, rather than the current referendum figure of $140,000,000.00.

We can do better. We must VOTE NO on the UNFAIR, WASTEFUL AND UNAFFORDABLE  District 86 referendum. Then we can finally work together as a community to provide all our children with a 21st century education that is equal, efficient, and affordable.

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