NO MEANS NO – Hinsdale High School District 86 – Referendum 3.0


You have no doubt heard the extreme and inflamed rhetoric coming from the D86 Board and their referendum supporters since November 2018 General Election.  So for the sake of truth and honesty, let’s recap what our tax and spend D86 Board has accomplished in the last two years.  On April 4, 2017 the D86 voters clearly and convincingly voted NO on the Board’s proposed $79,000,000.00 bond referendum.  And they did not listen.  So on November 6, 2018, D86 voters repeated themselves in a second rejection by voting NO on the Board’s proposed $166,000,000.00 bond referendum.  And still they did not listen.  So now your D86 School Board continues in its pattern of defiance of the voters’ will and is proposing yet another unacceptable bond referendum for the April 2, 2019 Municipal Elections; this time for $130,000,000.00.

                Unhappily, the taxpayers are being asked again to vote on a referendum that only serves to bailout the mismanagement and give-away contracts of this special interest agenda driven Board and its Administration.   So what is new and appealing about this bloated referendum effort?   In this instance the Board has adopted a new and clever tactic that it failed, or forgot,  to use in the previous two referendum failures; i.e. voter FEAR and INTIMIDATION.  Here is how it works, unless Referendum 3.0 is passed the Board will cut football, swimming, water polo and a variety of other popular student activities to generate the funds it needs.   By threatening these cuts the Board intends to apply maximum emotional and fiscal pressure on students and parents to force the referendum to pass.  However, what the Board has not considered in this scenario is addressing any of its unsustainable contracts and practices that are bankrupting the District.   Further, this Board continues to promote and sustain a divisive situation within the District by intentionally ignoring the fundamental resource and curriculum inequities between Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South.  One would think that the Board would attempt to address and remediate these inequities in order to garner broad voter support.  Instead, it has chosen FEAR and INTIMIDATION, as well as maintaining the Status Quo, to force Referendum 3.0.  It is also their last chance to force a referendum before the Board turns over in April. 

                You will be hearing more hysterical and histrionic rhetoric from the D86 Board and their Yes supporters over the next 90 days.  Instead of sound fiscal and financial practices you will be hearing raw pandering emotion.  Therefore, as you hear these things, ask yourself and the Board ( the following questions. 

1.       Why will the Board not utilize empty space at the South campus and correct the disparity in curriculums between the two campuses?  Would this not lessen the divisiveness between communities, as well as, minimize costs involved with a rebuild at the Central campus?

2.       Why will the Board not allow parents a choice in paying for sports before cancelling the sports and activities as they do in the overwhelming majority of suburban Chicago high school districts?

3.       Will the Board vote to reinstate the sports if its referendum passes?

4.       Why is the Board not supporting a $45 Million referendum as the D86 survey referenced in order to gain wide community support?

5.       Regarding the call for safety improvements – where is the verification by the state, federal or local authorities that such specific projects are really required? 

a.       If these improvements are required what is the time table in which they must be implemented, and could these projects proceed under existing bonding authority and District savings, thereby not requiring a referendum?   By using existing bonding authority and District savings the Board would not have to cut popular sports and activities. 

6.       Should not the Board’s goal be to minimize the divisive situation in the District by proposing a referendum that overwhelming passes?  

Thank you for your time and please stay engaged.  Also please feel free to share this email with  your family, friends and neighbors.  For further information on these topics please see the following websites.  


Noel Manley

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