what’s in a name? Preschool or ECC

From the district’s third flyer:

not a preschool

What i s the definition of a “preschool”?

preK defJefferson serves, 3, 4 and 5 year-olds who are not yet in kindergarten.  The definition fits.

Even the Jefferson FaceBook Page calls it a “preschool”

jefersonFBcalls it preachoolAnd








7 thoughts on “what’s in a name? Preschool or ECC

  1. They were not “forced” into a referendum. They could have taken your lawsuit to litigation but that would cost us tax payers more money.

    Jefferson is not a preschool. Check the credentials as teachers who work in a preschool only need an associates degree this is the difference between Jefferson Early Childhood Center’s teachers versus Preschool teachers.


  2. 1) You are seriously using a fundraiser flyer from the Alehouse, and an outdoor sign to state that the Board has somehow made this School’s name, mission and duty murky?

    Ever occur to you that the maker of the flyer and sign just didn’t want/couldn’t fit “Early Education Center” on it for graphic, size and format purposes? Signs also cost more based on size and lettering. As a cost hawk, it would seem you would understand that. As if the Board controlled the PTA related print outs! Which Baord member do you allege conspired to make that sign to defy the proper name? Perhaps all of them…..at a back room meeting…where they counted all the money they stole from us…….(sneaky laughing in backgrond).

    You are fast becoming the Captain from the classic film “The Caine Mutiny”, seeing conspiracy at every door, and trying to find fault in the most minuscule of details.

    2) The lawsuit you filed (but drafted by someone else) did not force the Board to do anything. Board meetings actually shows that several wanted to fight your frivilous action supported by outsiders not part of our district. But this was not a cost-effective or timely manner to actually resolve this matter.


  3. This frantic attack on Ms. Shaw’s character makes taxpayers more suspicious than ever about your personal motivation to advance this scheme.

    By ‘this scheme’ I mean:
    forcing many people, by law, to pay for something which a few people desire.

    The enrollment of a school by law must be paid for by those who reside within that District.
    When that District decides to offer discount services to OTHER Districts, so that OTHER Districts’ taxpayers may enjoy relief from that expense burden, who is going to stand up to people like you?
    Who stands up for the people who are not blessed with so much wealth that additional taxes are not a real risk to their own economic survival, and a risk to the future of their own children’s’ educational funding?

    There are mechanisms to fund education for special ed children at all ages.
    These mechanisms are funded by governments and charities.
    Now YOU are trying to pervert the system so that ALL home-owning taxpayers are forced to pay this cost, rather than having those costs paid by mechanisms put in place by law to fund such social service provision.

    I wonder why YOU, GREG, are so frantic to force the extraction of money from many people who legally elected NOT to fund this project?


    1. Susan….
      I have 2 kids in Jefferson. But by the time the building is fixed, they will have moved on to another school. I care for the many many reasons; financial, legal and academic which I have posted many times. This is the right thing to do, and the voodoo math Ms Shaw uses is incorrect or based on her expert opinion stated with no educational, training or experienced expertise to do so.

      YOU are from McHenry…..why are you and so many outsiders, like the Heritage Institute and Bruno Behrend…..all public education detractors……so engaged in this fight?

      Who drafted the Complaint Ms Shaw filed? She didn’t. She knows it. I know it. Anyone who reads it knows it. If she did, all she would have to do is respond to the many questions about it.


    1. This seems to be a battle of semantics. Compare the credentials of Jefferson ECC’s teachers to other preschools. That’s the difference.


    2. LOL…so 11 YEARS AGO….an ARCHITECT placed the name in the plans as a “pre-school”. What a conspiracy! You’ve solved it! Its the missing link to the current Board’s misgivings! What a reach.


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