vote “NO” Flyers to print

(originally posted 10/25/2018 updated to add links on 10/26/2018)

If you want to hand information to your friends & neighbors that explain the “NO” side for the Jefferson referendum.  Attached are a couple flyers that people have given me permission to share… you have permission to print and share. — Jan Shaw

vote no janshaw

pdf to print:  vote no janshaw



vote no Ives



pdf to print:  vote no Ives


vote no CitizenForFiscallyTesponsibleJeffersonELC


pdf to print:  vote no CitizenForFiscallyTesponsibleJeffersonELC



D200 facts Ives


Just the fact, nothing saying how to vote

D200 facts Ives


Links for footnotes

on the”Vote no Ives” flyer & “D200 facts Ives” flyer:

  1. CUSD 200 financial documents presented in meetings and obtained through Freedom of Information requests. details
  2. Forecast5Analytics, Inc. study for District 200 School Board, response to a FOIA dated 10/19/2018
  3. District financial statements, see p. 39: (pdf page 43)
  4. Illinois State Board of Education iLearn website.  enter data: District =”CUSD 200“ county=”DuPage”
  5. Daily Herald, District 200 pulls back on new Jefferson center, looks to referendum after all, 8/16/2018                              
  6. District audited financial statements, p. 7, 3_06_30_June_30,_2013_Audit_Report.pdf. [report is no longer there]  The check
  7. Dupage Policy Journal, Records: Taxpayers spending $17,220 per child on Wheaton ‘preschool’ for 4 year olds9/3/2018;

9 thoughts on “vote “NO” Flyers to print

  1. LOL…so which is it? ISome flyers state costs at $23.6 M. Another flyer posted around states $39.5 M. Your own website has different figures and assumptions. Clearly, your own shadow group doesn’t even agree on its own miscalculations.

    It’s a shame none of your group has the courage to debate these matters with someone capable of showing your “facts” for the misplaced fiscal review that it is. Even bigger shame that you hide your right wing, public education haters in the shadows. I suppose you can’t let everyone in the District see that. If people knew you were the pawn, wittingly or unwittingly, for that type of movement your support would fall right out from under you.

    By the way…for the 10th time: Who wrote that complaint you filed pro se? (Crickets)


  2. “citizens for a fiscally responsible jefferson early learning center”?? slap a “paid for by…” on something and expect people to believe it. talk about lies and lack of transparency….


  3. Your flyers have have in accurate information, here is the correct information:

    What is the district charging per student for the early childhood program? Is it really $17,000 per student?
    No, this is a factually-inaccurate claim. Those making the claim point to a grant by the Illinois State Board of Education for “Federal Preschool Expansion,” which provided $463,558 in funding to serve 40 students. This allocation of $11,588.95 per student was established through the grant.

    VOTE YES!!!!


    1. If District 200 was being “TRANSPARENT” as they claim, they would provide the data in a place where it is easy to find. DuPage Warchdog reports what be believe to be true based on publicly available reports, district website and documents from FOIA (freedom of information act) responses.


    2. Did you read the footnoted article? It says:
      Wheaton-Warrenville School District 200 requested and will receive $688,798 per year from state taxpayers– $17,220 per student– for its 40-child “Preschool Development Grant Expansion” program.

      Wheaton’s program, which started in 2015 at $11,579 per child, will see a 49 percent increase when the new, higher state funding kicks in.

      DuPage Policy Journal has confirmed the program will still serve 40 students. District 200 officials have not publicly indicated why they increased their preschool budget so sharply.


      1. DuPage Policy Journal is a Dan Proft owned media outlet. It is not an unbiased news source. You know it. Anyone that doesn’t believe me….go Google yourself. Read for yourself how this group uses AI software and other coproate sublayers to hide their right-wing bent in an attempt to seem like an unbiased news source.

        This is yet another math problem you get wrong. The GRANT applied for a large amount of money based on a designed 60 student population. The actual money approved was for less, so the amount of student ACTUALLY engaged was 40.

        It’s just math. The actual amount granted divided by 40, shows an amount of $11,XXX per child …not 17,xxx. Unfortunately, that math doesn’t fit your narrative to help your shadow group with Jeanne Ives, Bruno, and Heritage to destroy public education, so you don’t report it correctly.


      2. Do you have a copy of the grant application and associated documents? If so, please share. If not, you don’t know anything more than the rest of us.


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