Jefferson – Plan B – renewal

Back in 2007, CUSD 200 estimated doing both the  Jefferson & Hubble school buildings.  In the end they decided to run a referendum for Hubble, and let Jefferson wait.  I found it recently.  Why not consider fixing the existing building?  Yes, we know it is “OLD” But, didn’t Lowell just celebrate its 100 year anniversary?  My oldest started Kindergarten in 1990 at Lowell.  The building had just been renovated and it was like walking into a brand new building.

For Jefferson, in 2007 they looked at three options

Existing building square footage: 26,507

1. Renew the existing building

  • total program space: 33,652.
  • total project cost:  $7,407,418

2. Renew the existing building plus a large addition

  • total program space: 49,374.
  • total project cost:  $12,280,682

3. A new building to replace the existing building

  • total program space: 49,374.
  • total project cost:  $13,469,319

I scanned in option 1 – renewal.  See below.  Note: what would cost $7,407,418 in 2008 should be about $9 million in 2018 (Based on Turner Building Cost Index)

jeff est 2007 op1 p1

jeff est 2007 op1 p2

jeff est 2007 op1 p3


jeff est 2007 op1 p4


jeff est 2007 op1 p5

jeff est 2007 op1 p6

I do not recall seeing any modular building at Jefferson.  I suspect the item listed as “Demolition of Existing Modular building…” (on the above page) has already been completed.  I also suspect that some items on this list have already been done.
For instance, on May 10, 2017 the Board approved carpet removal and tile replacement for Jefferson Early Childhood Center. And yes, due to wear-and-tear, there could be new items to add.

jeff est 2007 op1 p7


According to the 2017 Jefferson Early Learning – Ten-Year Safety Survey Report, the total estimated cost to fix all remaining Life safety issues is less than $2 million. See:


Building new will cost significantly more.  Construction estimates came in around$15 million.  But there will be $1 to $2 million more to cover demolition of the old building, landscaping and equipping the new building.  At one point the total project estimate was $17.3 million.  If they finance the building, there will also be debt services.


If they spend it, we will pay it.







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