Budget Posted for review & July 11 Board meeting

At  the July 11, 2018 school board meeting, the board approved the tentative budget for Public review.  The public review will be held on Aug 15 and they plan to approve the final budget in September.  The budget includes money for a new preschool and in the video of the meeting Bill Farley in response to Brad Paulsen’s question, says the district can do things that were in the last referendum ($132 million) over the next few years… without a referendum. (huh?) This year it contains $4.2 million for a new pre-school (without the legally required referendum) on top of the $1.5 million already put in escrow for the pre-school and up to $14 million in lease certificates).  If they spend it, we will pay it.

You can find a copy of the budget on the district website https://www.cusd200.org at local libraries or by contacting the district.

Watch the July meeting video https://youtu.be/IBH359kQs5g?t=1h28m00s

Budget starts at 56:30.

They mention doing the work from the last referendum at 1:28;00 to 1:30:00.  I will agree some of it needs doing – But, not all.  Nor have they cut any other spending in order to afford it.

Jan Shaw’s public comments

7:43 Jan mentioned that the signed contract does not match what was approved.

8:45 pre-school without referendum they will issue working-cash bond to cover spending spree. Citizens can force a real referendum by collecting signatures in 30 days after the board passes a resolution to issue new debt.  We do not know when.  We will be watching for it.

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