CUSD200 raising future taxes – Quietly

Total CUSD 200 budget is around $200 million per year.

$20 million of that is for bond repayment.

Based on my tax bill and some quick computations, if the CUSD 200 bond portion was taken off our bill, the total property tax bill would go down about 9%.  It is currently scheduled to do that in the year 2026.

But, the law allows school districts to borrow money via a “back-door referendum”.  D200 did that in March 2014 when they issued $10 million in bonds, without a referendum.

Stopping the “back-door referendum” and requiring an actual referendum will require the citizens collecting about 6,000 signatures in 30 days – that will take an army.  Anyone interested in helping?  It is do-able if those who are tired of high property taxes – those who send their children to private school, home-school, or don’t have children in school would help.

In a nutshell what the district is doing.

  • Approved  new contracts with raises in excess of inflation
  • In Aug. they plan to approve a new pre-K building ($18 million) skipping the legally required referendum.
  • Then when the “unforeseen” happens and they can’t afford everything they will use a “back-door referendum” to borrow millions more without asking the taxpayers.
  • This will push the “all paid” bond date out – most likely 2 more years.

When we approved the Hubble referendum, we thought that was a 20 year bond (like a mortgage) to be paid once and done.  Instead, it morphed into the equivalent of a home-equity loan to be borrowed, paid, and borrowed again – leaving taxes up forever.

How can you help stop this?

  • Anyone interested in being a plaintiff on a law suit to stop the new building?  We found one district that did sue in 2011 – that school board , after reading the legal opinion supporting the no referendum position decided to go for an actual referendum rather than waste money going to court.
  • Let us know you will be willing to collect signatures to force a real referendum when the district wants to borrow more.
  • Attend school board meetings
  • Follow  We post info there.


Anyone willing to help, contact me

Jan Shaw

(comment on this – I must approve.  I can see your email, and what you say.  I have the option of not letting the comment show)

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