CUSD 200 Public Relations Cost & Admin Raises

At last night’s [6/13/2018] CUSD 200 school board meeting the board approved (6-1) new administration contracts as part of the personnel report. The lone “no” vote was from Jim Gambaiani who voted “no” because he sees it as too much money with all the other recently approved and proposed spending.

To taxpayers, I’m sure our biggest issue is taxes that go up faster than inflation, while home values don’t.  The state has major financial issues.  The only way to ever get it under control is to hold the line on spending.  CUSD 200 shows no sign of cutting anything.

They approved a 2% raises for all administrators with one exception – Erica Loiacono, the “communications Director is receiving almost 10%.”  No cuts to any benefits.  I spoke and gave written details to the board:Loiacono_pay_history

Note: the job of Public relations which morphed into Communications Director (with an assistant) did not exist prior to 2010.  In the past, the district sent 1 to 4 mail pieces per year to keep residents informed.

One of the meeting presentations was by Erica.  She presented what she is doing to engage the community. There is a weekly Friday email update, frequent Facebook posts, including live videos from the classroom (did parents sign permission for their child’s picture to be place on the web for anyone in the world to see?), district hosted meetings and she mentioned wanting to do a mailer again.

Engage 200 was mentioned by someone as a major success. I thought Engage 200 was an attempt to manipulate the public.  Several people pushed backed rather than going along with the desired results, and in the middle, then superintendent, Dr Harris resigned.  He claimed it was for more money.  I think after the  failed 2013 referendum, and then the Engage 200 not being “a well oiled-machine” (a phrase Ms. Loiacono used in an email to describe Unicom’s effort in a neighboring district) that Dr. Harris saw the writing on the wall and knew he could not pass a referendum. So the superintendents played musical chairs and in 2014, District 200 hired Dr. Schuler .

With this in mind, a few links to related history – Community engagement

Public Relations spending – There has been thousands spent over the past few years.  It’s for the adults, not for the students.  What does this say about the district’s priorities?

What’s in a contract? Salaries and benefits

CUSD 200 still plans to build a new Jefferson despite school code requiring a referendum, and having just obligated the money in reserves for salaries and benefits:

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