CUSD 200 Teachers’ contract – What is in it?

How can the school board approve a contract that does not yet exist?
How can they plan to lease a building that is yet to be built?
How can they use the same funds for both? – each spending the entire  reserve fund.
Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 is on this path.

If you care about our schools, but can’t justify your ever increasing property taxes, I could use your help!  Reach out to me and/or attend the next  school board meeting (June 13)


The school board passed the teacher’s contract on May 9, 2018 based on highlights (cusd200 wwea contract highlights may 2018).  They have NOT produced the actual contract.   In response to my FOIA:

On Monday, May 21, 2018 8:01 AM, Robert Rammer <> wrote:

 Ms. Shaw,

 On May 12, 2018, received in this office on May 14, 2018, you requested:

  WWEA Contract as approved at the  May 9,2018 CUSD 200 board meeting for the years 2018 to 2022

Your request is denied. The contract is being edited and has not been published as of this date. When it is completed, it will be posted on the District’s website at:


 The following details were included in the Daily Herald article “District 200 school board, teachers union ink 4-year contract” on May 11, 2018, but not in the approved highlights. ,

  • A first-year teacher now makes $44,525. Under the new contract, that teacher will make $45,416. [that is a 2% increase]
  • There won’t be a set top salary
  • Schuler said it’s difficult to estimate the cost of the salary raises because of teacher turnover and retirements. But generally a 1 percent salary raise costs the district about $800,000.

Jim Gambaiani, the lone member to vote against the contract, mentioned his estimate of $13 million over 4 years during comment just prior to the vote.  He said we cannot afford that.  Note: if a 1% increase equates to $800,000 in cost to the district, then a 2.5% increase will cost the district $2 million (first year), $4 million the second… total could be $20 million. Actual first year increase will be 2.5%,  other years will be  tied to inflation, but at least 2.5%, no more than 3.5%.  If inflation is low  (tax level limited by inflation) this will result in prioritizes teacher raises above all else.

It appears the district just agreed to give all saving from highly paid retirees being replaced by tower paid new teachers, to the teachers, along with the money in reserves.


You can watch the May 9, 2018 meeting at which this contract was approved:

  • Jan Shaw spoke at 11:10
  • Harold Lonks comments at 23:30
  • Approval of the WWEA (teacher contract) discussion begins at 1:33:45
  • Jim G’s statement on why he voted “NO” starts at 1:51:50
  • The board applauds the approval while public sits quietly looking stunned 1:57:15

I, as a well engaged citizen am on the hook to pay this, but had no way of knowing what was being promised prior to it being approved.  In fact, I still don’t know and won’t know, nor will anyone else , until we see the actual contract.



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