Donors to the “yes” campaign

To find information about Candidate or Political Action Committees (PAC) spending & donations start at

Any candidate or political group that spent more than $5,000 must file reports.  The “yes” campaign for the Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 referendum was mainly funded by the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA).  These groups are 501(c)3 non-profits.  I suspect that each took a vote at a regular meting with the typical few in attendance.  How do the bulk of the parents feel?  Are they aware that PTA being politically active could jeopardize its non-profit status?

Friends of the Schools – Yes For Wheaton
Quarterly Report 1/1/2017 to 3/31/2017
Filed 4/14/2017 6:11:48 PM
Starting balance     $711.05
Contributions    $12,425.10
Expenditures     $11,826.69
Ending balance   $1,309.46

Note: the quarterly report lists $12,425.10 Contributions, which is slightly less than the sum of the donations by listed contributors:  $12,869

yes campaign 2017

Ivor Andrew  a.k.a. Boost Marketing is owned by Keith and Susan Booton.  They were paid approximately $20,000 by the district for referendum videos  and apparently handled “Yes” marketing materials. The note for their donation was for “Graphic design and copy writing services” which is most likely donated labor.


Captive Reasources, LLC
Found on-line:
America’s Alternative Insurance Specialists
Schaumburg, IL
I did not find them listed on the district website.
But wondering: Do they have anything to do with D200 insurance?

Individual donors:

  • Corry was on Wheaton city council and she was the co-chair of engage200 committee
  • Hupp was on the engage 200 committee
  • Triscik in a member of the PTA council
  • Dan & Lisa  Wagner are professional political fundraisers and were paid staff for politicians.  They headed the failed 2013 “Jefferson Yes” campaign.

NON-profits and PACs
Tax exempt 501(c)3’s are allowed to give up to 10% to lobbying efforts, but nothing to candidates or political action committees (PAC).  The referendum committee is a PAC. These PTA’s could be endangering their non-profit status and their donors’ charitable donation claims.  I was told this by several people, who are involved in non-profits.  I have not found any case law to verify the cautions.

See: or for rules regarding non-profits.

One thought on “Donors to the “yes” campaign

  1. We found a connection to “Captive Resources, one of the “Yes” campaign contributors.
    Andrew O. Johnson, ARM, CSP, Executive Vice President, oversees CRI’s safety and claims professionals, and manages loss prevention and claims management services provided to client companies by outside vendors.

    And y Johnson was on the CUSD 200 board of education (1997 -2013) president (2001 – 2010).
    He is currently President of the Student excellence foundation (formerly known as “the New 200 Foundation“)


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