Voters didn’t connect candidates to their position

It appears that many of those voting “NO” did not know the candidate positions.  The “Yes” side most likely did.

In 2017 the four winners received

7,792    Ginna Ericksen (union endorsed)
7,485    Brad Paulsen (union endorsed)
6,325    Rob Hamlin (union endorsed)
7,091    Jim Mathieson (union endorsed)
7460      #yes

2017 Challengers

5,463    Harold Lonks
5,289    Tom Hudock
5,435    Neil Harnen
5,696    Marcus Hamilton
8903      #no

The challengers could have won in 2017.

There were 1,443 more “No” votes than “Yes” votes.
How many voted for the referendum but not candidates?
total voting for referendum is 7460 + 8903 = 16,363.
total candidate vote 50,576 divided by 4 is 12,644 (minimum number of voters who voted for candidates).
The difference 16,363 – 12,644 = 3,719
So at least 3,000 voters left the candidates blank (a few may have voted for 1 to 3 but not 4).
Adding 3,000 to the actual vote counts for the challengers, they could have had:
8,463 Harold Lonks
8,289 Tom Hudock
8,435 Neil Harnen
8,696 Marcus Hamilton
The top vote recipient, Ericksen, with 7,792 .  Even she could have lost, if all those who left the candidates blank had voted for the ones who opposed the referendum.

We see the same pattern In 2013.  The four winners received

4,862 Joann Coghill (union endorsed)
4,794 Barbara Intihar (union endorsed)
4,600 James Mathieson (a challenger in 2013)
4,753 Brad Paulsen (union endorsed)
# Yes votes was close to the number of votes the union endorsed winners received.

2013 The 5 other candidates

3,243 Kyle Nenninger
1,937 Bruce C. Fogerty
2,878 Harold Lonks
3,736 Jan Shaw
3,573 Ken Knicker (union endorsed)
# no votes

Had those voting “No” known the candidate positions,

Jan, being the only one vocal against the referendum should have won in 2013.
Ken Knicker made the mistake of saying that those who can’t afford their taxes should move.  He was endorsed by both the union and the Dailey Herald.

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