Proposed 6th grade Studies includes “growth of Islam”

In today’s (4/13/2017) “Focus on Learning” district 200 e-news letter, I see:

Curriculum – The Board has posted anew social studies curriculum for public review and comments. Comments on proposed curriculum can be directed to Faith Dahlquist or 630-682-2103. 

Clicking on it there are several pdf’s.

In  6th_grade_SS_BOE_pdf.pdf I see:

Grade 6 Social Studies Middle School Required Course Course Description This course develops the knowledge, dispositions, and skills necessary for success in college, career, and civic life (c3 framework). The Social Studies curriculum supports democratic discourse within a diverse and collaborative context. Students will develop questions, apply concepts, evaluate sources, use evidence and communicate conclusions. The foundational inquiry skills and concepts outline the knowledge associated with four disciplines: Civics, Geography, Government and History. Grade 6 core content topics include The Growth of Islam, African Civilizations, Asian Civilizations, Medieval Europe, Civilizations of the Americas, European Renaissance and Reformation and Early Modern Europe.

[highlight added]


Why are the schools teaching “Islam” but no mention of any other religion?

There really isn’t enough detail in the pdf’s alone to know what is being taught.

If anyone takes a closer look into this curriculum change, please post your thoughts as a comment on the DuPage Watchdog site.

For a list of the administrators in charge of curriculum go to  then click on “Departments” then “Student Learning” on the drop down menu.


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