CUSD 200 – Far more staff today – at what cost?


Enrolment  vs.  staff count

CUSD 200, student enrollment is declining, while the number of administrators and teachers are up… and average salary has grown faster than inflation!  No wonder salaries and benefits take the bulk of the budget.  In fact, at the League of Women Voters candidate forum for CUSD 200 on 3/20/2017, Jim Mathieson said “84% of Operating income is spent on salaries and benefits.”

Data sources:
elrollment v staff

Notice the jump in staff numbers between 2001 and 2007.  I have not found the report cards 2002 to 2006.

  • Dr. Catalani was superintendant during that time.
  • And the federal “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001” was implemented during that time period.


Salary & operating cost per student over time vs. inflation

Looking at the average teacher salary, beginning teacher salary and operating cost per student.

Using an inflation calculator to see how the actual compares to what one would expect based on 1986 or 1998 start points adjusted for inflation. We see in 2016 all were well above what one would expect!

Data Source:

The difference between 2016 operating cost per student vs. expected 2016 operating cost per student based on the 1998 number adjusted for inflation is $3,251

Multiplying that by the k-12 enrollment in 2016 (12,560) is $40,832,560.

That’s $40 million.  WOW.

Did they change the definition of “operating cost per student” or is this due to the increase in salaries, increase in the number of staff  and decrease in the number of students? (1986 enrollment is a guess)

total op cost

That’s only a difference of $25 million in 2016.  That would still go a long way toward building maintenance!


How does District 200 compare to the state?
d200 v stat salary op cost

Looks like the whole state is going over this fiscal cliff together. 


SOURCE DATA – Old paper school report cards

cusd200 1990 report card

d200 1990 RC cont

school report card 1999

school report card 2000

school report card 2001

Sum data found on current on-line school report cards,

Missing grades were estimated based on the data that is given.

school report Card enroll 2016

 Cost data from the District profile page on School Report Card

2016 school RC summary


IL state RC 2016

data from the district website  click on “Departments” -> “Business office” in the tabs,
then click “Enrollment Report” in the left column,
then “Enrollment Presentation 2012-2013” in the center
Enrollm ent Presentation 2012-2013 on page 16 of the pdf, we find:

historic enrollment
series A is a high estimate, B most likely and C low estimate/

Actual for 2017 is between the most likely and low estimate.


Salary curve from the current WWEA contract for teachers

2016 salary curve

Salary curve from precious WWEA contract for teachers

2007 cusd200 salary schedule

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