Problem-Based-Learning – PBLs – Activism or Education

A friend had sent this letter awhile back about “PBLs” or Problem-Based-Learning.  I re-read it the other day.  It is well worth reading.  I asked if I could post it.  The answer: “I have no objections to sharing it… I’d prefer to keep my name off it… for now.”  And so I post it with permission, from “anonymous.


It contains nuggets such as:

  • How am I to feel? How should I react if my own son is scoffing at me because he seems to have been convinced that I kill Penguins because I bought a pumpkin?
  • The solutions always attempt to control other people’s behavior… Are you trying to mold them all into life-long activists instead of life-long learners?
  • Why should kids be stemming the tide of the ocean when they can’t tie their own shoe?  Shouldn’t we focus on basic skills before saving the world?
  • By veering off course with a PBL-based curriculum, we are leaving our children under prepared for junior high and high school.
  • Being able to regurgitate someone else’s opinion is not the same as being able to think critically.

All presented with real stories and thoughtful analysis.


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