Comments posted on a Daily Herald article – 4 candidates for CUSD 200:
(A letter to the editor by Dan Wagner 2/28/2017

All comments were made by Jan Shaw


We have seen this movie before!!!
Dan Wagner and his wife Lisa tried to ‘bully’ the D-200 taxpayers during the failed Jefferson referendum in 2013. They have a reputation and behavior of supporting BIG spending at the expense of others. They should be reminded that BIG money can’t shape the outcome of education and cannot buy votes of financially savvy D-200 taxpayers. This block of voters will beat back this referendum and the irresponsible and misleading propaganda being shared with the public.
CUSD 200 has two full time PR staff and spent nearly $200,000 on mailers, videos, and consultants since the failed 2013 referendum. Additionally, the school PTAs are helping fund the pro-referendum campaign.


Jim Mathieson voted YES the $10M back door referendum and the current $132.5M referendum. He continues to support spending even though he sits on the finance committee and knows full well the punishment taxpayers will incur due to the impact of this referendum. Watch the Feb 12, 2014 CUSD 200 Board Meeting starting at the 1:13:10 time mark.  Jim Mahieson explained the tax code, how they can get around the tax cap and why we will always be in debt.

Brad Paulsen is a vote YES man as his record confirms. He supports the $132.5M referendum. I suspect referendums are good for his professional career as a school architect.

Rob Hanlon was encouraged to run and is supported by current board member Chris Crabtree whose record of voting YES on all spending measures is well documented.

Ginna Erickson attended very few Board of Education meetings and lacks passion and knowledge of the real issues facing D-200. In fact, her lack of passion for a board role was evidenced by the fact that she collected only 5 out 72 of her petition signatures. Over 90% were gathered by Barb Intihar, an existing Board member, and another citizen.

Since all four are listed by Dan Wagner, you can be assured that all four will be voting for status quo.


For those who do not know me, I ran for D-200 school board in 2013 and was the only candidate to speak against that $17.6 million referendum. That one was just for a new Jefferson and would increase the capacity for pre-K by 40%. I thought it was too mush $ and too much space. Furthermore, the district had received a $14 million grant from the state that was sitting in reserves. I did not understand why they wanted taxpayers to pay for the whole project with new taxes.


I have been a district watchdog since 2013. And I am backing the four candidates who are opposed to this referendum. They have finance experience and a commitment to provide our children with the best education.
• Harold Lonks,
• Thomas E. Hudock,
• Neil F. Harnen
• Marcus D. Hamilton

One thought on “Comments posted on a Daily Herald article – 4 candidates for CUSD 200:

  1. The sooner this school gets built, the less the taxpayers will spend.
    Why on earth do you think the board is seeking alternative financing? What do they have to gain other than ADDRESSING A CURRENT AND FUTURE NEED?
    You can call yourself a ‘watchdog’. However, if you had a loved one who needed special services within the district, I doubt you’d beat the drumb & cry foul.
    Spend your money on a lawsuit. Then sit back and watch desperate times get better through necessary, creative solutions. THAT’S what the board is supposed to do.


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