CUSD 200 video – $180 is misleading

This video is misleading. At the 0:34 mark, Dr. Jeff Schuler says

“The 132 and a half million dollar bond question will cost taxpayers an additional 180 dolaars per year on the bond and interest portion of their tax bill. That 180 dollar impact is to the median vallue home in this district.”

Does that mean $180 per year for 20 years?


It means $180 the first year. They have back-loaded the bond repayment schedule.
Multiply that $180 by 41 to estimate your total cost
That $180 “per year” is more like $7,416 over the life of the bonds.

This and two other videos were posted in February.  The others were posted late last year.   Might these be in response to questions raised after the referendum was placed on the ballot?

4 thoughts on “CUSD 200 video – $180 is misleading

  1. The first time I heard it was at the board meeting on 1/11/2017.
    Joann Coghill’s comments start at 1:21:00 mark
    at 1:25:25
    She says:
    “Average home in Wheaton is $322,300 that is $180 a year.”

    That is a board member stating it. Did she come up with that on her own?


  2. We now have information from a FOIA, showing that Ivor Adrew (aka Boost Marketing) owned by Sue Booton and her husband were paid $700 in Feb 2017 (after the referendum question was placed on the ballot) for additional videos. And this along with two other D200 videos were posted on youtube in Feb. 2017.


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