CUSD 200 – $132.5 million referendum placed on the ballot

At the January 11, 2017 Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 school board meeting two items regarding capital/building improvements/maintenance were approved.

  1. The Sherman Dergis methodology:

Therefore, the Board will utilize the Sherman Dergis methodology to forecast annual renewal allowances for all of the district facilities.  The allowances will be incorporated into the annual budget each year.  The allowances will be tracked in the Capital Renewal Fund, which is a sub fund of the Operations and Maintenance Fund.   The allowances will be considered restricted for the intended use, but will not be counted as fund balance for the purpose of the Board Fund Policy 4.22.   – attached to the agenda

  1. Placing a referendum on the ballot to sell $132,000,000 worth of bonds.


Watch the video:

Public comments

9:20 Public comment directions

10:20 Jan Shaw (DuPage watchdog)

15:25 Harold Lonks (candidate for school board – opposed to the referendum)


Discussion and approval of Sherman Dergis Method.

34:00 action items – discussion of how future boards will fund capital projects.  Will Capital take priority over programs?  Note: they do not mention cutting administrators or support staff.

44:30 alternative funding methods should the referendum fail.

45:30 if a non-successful referendum…


Placing the referendum on the ballot

49:48 begins the board discussion of the bond resolution (referendum)

1:00:01 Brad Paulsen (incumbent candidate – promotes the referendum)

1:07:00 Barb Intehar (complements Paulsen – campaign begins)

1:11:25 Chris Crabtree (praises “an authentic process” the Engage 200, she thinks the community was driving the process. See engage200-all-a-plan and engage200-aka-well-oiled-lachine)


1:13:15 Jim Gambaiani (the sole “NO” vote gave his reasons for not supporting the referendum) “…Over the past 12 years, the average amount budgeted for building maintenance was less than half a million dollars.  Over the past 3 years, this district spent nearly $350,000 to study, survey, re-evaluation to gather data for the master facilities plan. In the end, we finally confirmed most of what was already identified” Tonight this board passed the Sherman Dergis policy thus providing an alternate funding source.  “…Personal property taxes have increased 42% and total district salaries and benefits increased nearly $27 million…”


1:16:45 Jim Matheisen (incumbent candidate – pro-referendum) If this does not pass , it will affect programs.

1:21:00 Joann Coghil – buildings have been maintained, but, there is work to be down.  Yes, the bulk of our money goes to our teachers and our programs.  If this does not pass, something will be eliminated.  Average home in Wheaton is $322,300 that is $180 more in taxes a year.

1:27:00 Intehar – when was the last referendum that touch the majority of our buildings? 1999. “How many of us have not done anything to our homes in 18 years?”

1:28:00 Vroman covers recent history – what all they have looked at.  “… Despite that, since 2008 this board has committed $19 million in capital improvements”

1:31:00 the vote passed 6:1 (Jim G being the lone “No” vote)

2 thoughts on “CUSD 200 – $132.5 million referendum placed on the ballot

  1. I would ask Barb Intahar how any reputable and responsible Board of Education could ignore necessary repairs to building for 18 years. That’s flat out irresponsible.


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