CUSD 200 Pre-K enrollment

(updated 2/10/2017)

In 2013, I compiled a chart for the Pre-K enrollment numbers.  Last night, the board placed another referendum on the ballot – a referendum that includes replacing Jefferson.  Four years ago, a referendum for a new, larger, state-of-the-arts Jefferson was soundly defeated.  Why can’t the district accept “NO” as an answer?

Last summer I put in a FOIA asking for the same data for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Only the 2016 numbers had complete data.  So, I updated the chart with what I have.


The building size (sq ft) numbers for “early childhood center” this year are significantly bigger than what the district posted for “Jefferson” in 2013.   Turns out they are using other facilities and counted the size of those as well.

  • There is a “Head Start” program that is paid for with a federal grant and is located at the “outreach center” in Carol Stream and Johnson.  That program serves low income families.
  • The speech only program is still at Madison.
  • And they are using one room at Whittier.

Four years ago they implied that all pre-K programs needed to be in one location.

Of course we have k-5 in 13 elementary schools across the district in part to allow for more walkers and to shorten bus rides.

The pre-k population that has grown and is causing any over-crowding is the tuition based and full day pre-k.  Since only pre-K for special needs is mandated by the state, and since the tuition charged for typically developing students covers just a little more than half the cost of providing services for those students (below), if the district does not have space, they should limit the tuition-based enrollment rather than asking taxpayers for more money to build a larger facility.

  • In 2013 tuition per student was $2,115/year
  • In 2012 there were 70 tuition-based students
  • 2012 audit cost for tuition based pre-K was $267,597
  • cost per tuition-based student = $267,597 / 70 = $3,822


3 thoughts on “CUSD 200 Pre-K enrollment

  1. The district is required to provide special ed services in the least restrictive environment and that means giving children opportunities to engage with their typically developing peers. Not having tuition students would be out of compliance with IDEA. The all day pre k program is a grant funded preschool for all. Please get the facts straight.


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