CUSD 200 Building Age

Going through some old notes, I found this chart on the age of the buildings in Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200.  It was put together when the Hubble Referendum was being considered.

The latest three referendums to pass were:

  • 1999 A referendum for $35 million for eight elementary schools & one middle school  ($52 million in projects – $17 million from fund balances)
  • 2003 A referendum for $72 million passed to renovate and add on to both high schools.
  • 2007 A referendum for $58 million passed to build a new Hubble middle school.

cusd200 building date built renovated


except for Jefferson all school buildings have been built or renovated since 1985.  The district also owns a school service center and a small (old elementary) building that is used for storage.  The old Hubble building and property was sold.

With this number of buildings the district should be allocating funds every years for capital maintenance/improvements to cover items such as roofs, parking lots, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, flooring, etc.  If a few projects were done annually then we would not need another referendum to renovate buildings that should have been maintained.


2 thoughts on “CUSD 200 Building Age

  1. in this slick video from the district at the 1:15 mark, there is a graphic of when the buildings were built. There is no mention of when they were last upgraded.
    For instance their graphic shows Lowell as built around 1918. It does not mention that it was totally renovated in 1990 and had an addition put on in 1996. Granted, that has been 20+ years so we would expect normal maintenance, . The district’s pitch is mis-leading


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