College of DuPage (COD) Candidates (April 7, 2015 Election)

COD has 12 candidates for 3 Trustee positions.  It has been all over the news recently!


The Wikipedia entry for College of DuPage has an excellent summary of COD including events of the last year.

Three candidates are running together as the “clean slate” – Charles Bernstein, Frank Napolitano and Deanne Mazzochi.  They have been endorsed by Kathy Hamilton – the one current trustee who has voted “no” to the $763,000 Golden Parachute – the one trustee that the Chicago tribune did not list when they wrote “Board Chairwoman Erin Birt, co-Vice Chairman Joseph Wozniak, Dianne McGuire, Kim Savage, Nancy Svoboda, Allison O’Donnell, it’s time to resign.” Chicago Tribune


Candidates (in ballot order):

Nancy Svoboda


Sandra M. Pihos


Matt Gambs


Kim Savage


Claire Ball


Charles Bernstein


Frank Napolitano


Deanne Marie Mazzochi


Roger J. Kempa


Joseph M. “Joe” Wozniak


David “Dave” Carlin


Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey Ran for office multiple times as a Democrat and an elected committeeman of Milton 64 since 1992 acting since 88. Former union local president, BLE Division 184 (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Division 184, founding president.) 


Runing as the “Clean Slate”



Board member [Kathy Hamilton] endorses College of DuPage candidates running as slate


Former congressman Joe Walsh also endorsed Charles Bernstein, Frank Napolitano and Deanne Marie Mazzochi


Dr. Darlene Ruscitti. DuPage GOP Chairman sent an email to all DuPage GOP precinct committeemen:

“…As an educator, a university trustee, and DuPage GOP Chairman, I encourage you to join me in voting for Sandy Pihos, Matt Gambs, and Deanne Mazzochi for College of DuPage (COD) Trustees on April 7th, Election Day. They have the best shot at winning and beating the incumbent and Democratic candidates…”

Illinois Review: Robling: DuPage GOP Fails Reform Test At Community College


Daily Herald: endorsed Matt Gambs, Deanne Mazzochi and Sandra Pihos


COD faculty association posted on their facebook page:

“The Daily Herald has posted its endorsements. We agree on 2 of the 3. As would be expected, we believe in voters doing their own research, think before you vote, but VOTE. We are recommending that you vote for Sandy Pihos, Deanne Mazzochi, and Dan Bailey. A truly non-partisan selection of candidates who will have to form a coalition to move CoD forward with a college driven agenda.”


The Courier [COD student newspaper] editorial board endorses former state Rep. Sandra Pihos, attorney Deanne Mazzochi and businessman Matt Gambs.


COD Follow-Up: Pihos Now On Democrats’ Literature For COD Election  Illinois Review


COD in the news

A web search will find  many articles.  Here are a few of the better ones:


More information


One thought on “College of DuPage (COD) Candidates (April 7, 2015 Election)

  1. Lies believed in effect are truth. And truth untold in effect does not exist. Apparently the COD faculty has been crying in the wilderness for years. Then Open The Books and the Edgar County watchdogs started coming, asking questions and following up with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Others known as the “Tea Party” started coming. The uncovered news was put out in blogs, on facebook, in national publications…. and the local media such as the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald reported it. It was Facts breaking through the noise.
    When the COD Board did the wrong thing, the Wrong way by voting to give Dr. Breuder his golden parachute without disclosing the details, making it an illegal vote, they decided to hold a special meeting to do it over again. The papers and even radio stations carried the news, and hundreds showed up.
    “TEA” stands for Taxed Enough Already. We fight for honest government. We want the truth. We promote liberty – as in personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future. We are your neighbors. I have attended most meetings since August. I never heard the “critics at the gate” (a.k.a. the TEA party) ever say anything disparagingly about the students, faculty or the education that COD provides. No, the complaints are about lack of transparency, mis-appropriated funds, or not following the law.


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