Errors and Ommissions in COD Board Minutes

At the 2/19/2015 COD board meeting the minutes for 1/22/2015 and 1/28/2015 were both approved as is even though errors and omissions had been pointed out during public comment.  The following are the corrections that should have been made according to Jan Shaw, who watched the podcast in order to document this.  The information was emailed to all board members prior to the March 19, 2015 board meeting.

Note: Jan Shaw led the Pledge of Allegiance during public comment at both the Dec. 18, 2014 and Jan. 22, 2015 regular COD Board meetings.  Ed Franckowiak led the Pledge of Allegiance at the special, Jan 28, 2015 board meeting.  The agenda for the February 19, 2015 board meeting started with the pledge of Allegiance.

In the 1/22/2015 minutes

As approved (With cross-outs and highlighted (Blue) additions to make them correct)

  1. PUBLIC COMMENT 4. A. AGENDA RELATED COMMENTS FROM CITIZENS 4. A. 1) District No. 502 Citizens · Jan Shaw spoke regarding the Agenda and led the Pledge of Allegiance



  1. B. 1) a) December 18, 2014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes Chairman Birt called for a motion to approve Item 8.B.1)a) pulled from the Consent Agenda, Secretary O’Donnell moved and Trustee Svoboda seconded:


Vice Chairman Hamilton stated that the minutes didn’t correctly reflect comments made by some of the citizens. pertaining to previous comments made by Trustee McGuire at the November meeting.  The minutes say “Jan Shaw spoke regarding Tax Levy” – Trustee Hamilton said they should add that Jan lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  The minutes also state that “Matthew Tyrmand spoke regarding Treasurer’s report” which he did.  But he also addressed Trustee McGuire’s November rant comparing the Watchdogs and the Tea Party to Nazis.

Trustee Svoboda stated that the comments correctly reflected “Agenda related” comments.

Chairman Birt asked Secretary O’Donnell to call the roll. Student Trustee Escamilla’s preference is for the motion. Voting aye: Trustee McGuire, Secretary O’Donnell, Trustees Savage and Svoboda, Co-Vice Chairman Wozniak and Chairman Birt. Voting nay: Vice Chairman Hamilton. Motion passed.

In the 1/28/2015 minutes

As approved (With cross-outs and highlighted (blue) additions to make them correct)


  1. PUBLIC COMMENT Chairman Birt announced that due to the number of people who wish to comment, the Board will hear comments until 8:30 p.m. The Board will then move on with the Agenda and then go back to public comments and reminded those present that there is a three (3) minute time limit for all public comments.


The following individuals spoke regarding the President’s Employment Contract:

Dianne Batzkall, Dan Bailey, Daniel Lundehl, Glenn Hansen, Alex Franklin, Deanne Mazzochi, John Kraft, Richard Jarman, Eric Lavergne, Laura Reigle, Kirk Allen, Sandra Pihos, Len Green, Jerry Vachparambl, Roger Kempa, Jill Spealman, Frank Napolitano, Andrew Andrzejewski, Richard Skoda, Stew Gilgis, Charles Bernstein, Trustee Kathy Hamilton, Don O’Neill, Joseph M. Wozniak, Rachel Musselwhite, Jan Shaw, Beverly Perlson, Mary Kranz, Duane Bradley, Rick Lighthart, Heidi Holan, Paul Lefort, Jack Thorne, Kevin Bishop, Fred Wainke, Andrew Nelms, Jeanne Ives, Peter Cooper, Peter Breen, Robert Boque, David Goldberg, Claire Ball and Patricia Fire-Steel.


Stephanie Torres made an appeal for decorum and respect.

  1. GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENTS Chairman Birt announced that the Board would hear the remainder of the public comments.


The following people spoke about the President’s Employment Contract:

Mark Msiorowski, Bobby Kaye, Bill Alrich, Mark Kmiecik, Bill Graham, Mary Pekos, Steve Johnson, Louise Handel, Claudia Freed, Katherine Cornell, Frank Falesch, Ed Franckowiak, Duane Bradley, Brian Lambert, Bruce Mabe, Georgia Zacowiak, Ross Maky, John Kraft, Kirk Allen, Jan Shaw, Roger Kempa and Ron Williams

Ed Franckowiak led the Pledge of Allegiance prior to his President’s Employment Contract comments.

6B GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENTS – others who had not signed up, or who had signed up for the second round of comments in order to talk about something other than Breuder’s contract came forward and spoke.

The following people spoke about the President’s Employment Contract

Duane Bradley, Brian Lambert, Bruce Mabe, Georgia Zacowiak, Ross Maky and Ron Williams.


Rose Johnson complimented President Breuder regarding the 3 + 1 Criminal Justice program and other opportunities the College offers.


John Kraft spoke about FOIA denials, open meeting act violations and mentioned a lawsuit.

Kirk Allen talked about his press credentials and being a 501(C)3, how this relates to the FOIA law and potentially criminal behavior exposed by the watchdogs.

Jan Shaw, in response to comments made by Rose Johnson said that the “watchdogs are not hateful, they’re good.”  Because of them, There is no tuition increase, or tax levy increase this year.

Roger Kempa talked about the changes in enrollment, tuition and staffing levels since 2009.

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