CUSD 200 Food Fest

Recent news stories about the COD board feasting at the Waterleaf restaurant reminded us of a CUSD 200 FOIA response.

Rather than meeting candidates for  a new Superintendent at a district conference room and ordering moderately priced refreshments, District 200 rented a conference room at the Hilton and had their own food fest. They ordered   “Hilton Breakfast” at $18. 50 each, Asparagus & Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli with Tomato-Basil Sauce at $32.25/person… Grand total for using the Hilton’s conference room with A/V rental, food and soft drinks was $1,346.12.  That was for eight people – Most likely the seven board members and perspective superintendents (one at a time).

see the pdf    sup search food

In the pdf, after the Hilton receipts, there are two receipts for local restaurants on 7/17/2015.  Mary Lou Sender (Superintendent secretary) and Bill Farley (Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations) each took one candidate out to lunch.

The $600. for the Abelson Group was for what?  The Abelson Group webpage lists assessments

Then there is a list of “community member” names.  Our FOIA asked for the list of people involved in the selection process.  These people interviewed the final candidates and recommended one.  Note:  one of these “community members,” Diane Dillow, does not live in the district.   Conspicuously absent from the list is Harold Lonks who has run for school board twice, is an active member of the PTA and attends most, if not all school school board meetings.

Why did the League of Women voters and the Park District send representatives?

  • Dave Brummel – Mayor of Warrenville
  • Michael Gresk – Mayor of Wheaton
  • Diane Dillow -Warrenville Park District, lives out of school district
  • Gregg Ireland – Warrenville Park District
  • Chris Crabtree – PTA, on Engage 200 facilitating team and 2015 school board candidate
  • Eleanor McNear – Engage 200
  • Kyle Neninger – Tiger Paws (past president) and 2013 school board candidate
  • Susan Booten – President SEA Alliance
  • Jeanne Burda – President Gates 200
  • Joan Fefferman – League of Women Voters, Wheaton
  • Bob Hupp – Engage 200
  • Kathy Gotter – PTA
  • Michelle Triscik – PTA
  • Judith Zapf – PTA, on Engage 200 facilitating team and 2015 school board candidate
  • Jim Vroman – School board member and candidate 2015

Still wondering “WHY” these people were picked to interview the final candidates, but my FOIA for names and resumes was denied.  Response Letter rammer 9_22_2014  “…as only the name and resume of the successful candidate for a position with a public body are subject to disclosure under FOIA.”  However, once the district brought in the PUBLIC (even if only a select few) the argument can  be made that – the information is no longer PRIVATE – and should be released in a FOIA.  Other school districts have released the names of candidates under consideration.  CUSD 200 chose to release them to a selected few.


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