COD, Nazi speech & rebuttals

During public comment at the December 18, 2014 COD board meeting Richard Jarman responded to an speech given by Trustee McGuire at the previous COD board meeting in which she compared ‘the TEA Party’ to Nazis.

He began with “German Theologians at board meetings…  Impassioned speech against the critics at the gate or rather the overflow gallery…”  He referenced being approached in September to join forces against ‘the TEA Party.’  And concluded with a question “Is it ‘the Tea Party’ we have to fear here, or is a distraction?

Trustee McGuire’s original speech

And Matthew Tyrmand spoke about McGuire’s speech from the perspective of someone whose grandfather survived the Halocaust.

He demanded that Trustee McGuire resign.  He said

“McGuire used rhetoric evoking Nazi Tyranny in a comparison with those who would demand honesty and integrity in government. Those that invoke Nazis in a spending debate have no place IN government and especially in a position of trust in a public educational institution. McGuire’s statement goes well beyond politically incorrect and approaches hate speech.”

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