COD in the news – COD President, Dr Breuder to retire


COD board vote [ January regular COD Board Meeting]

On January 22, COD board voted to amend COD president Dr Breuder’s contract, giving Dr. Breuder a $762,868.77 Golden Parachute when he retires on March 31, 2016.  We still did not know all the details.  The details were not read into the record.  The document was not available on line until a few hours after the vote.  This violated the Open Meetings Act.

Media Coverage (January 22):

COD board  [ January 28, Special Board Meeting]

Late on Monday, January 26, 2015 we discovered  that a special meeting was to be held on Wednesday, January 28 for the purpose of re-voting the Addendum 4 to Dr. Breuder’s contract.

The normal board room seat about 50, most of which have “reserve” signs on them during regular board meetings, leaving most of the public standing along the back or across the hall watching a video feed.

COD board room

Talk radio, newspapers, facebook posts and emails told District 502 residents that a meeting would take place.  And the community turned out.

cod 1_28 special board meeting

The crowd overflowed the larger space – 300 chairs and standing room only along the side, the back and the balcony.

After almost two hours of public comment, giving the board plenty of reasons to vote “no” the board once again voted 6 -1 for the agreement that will give Dr. Breuder a $762,868 golden parachute when he retires in March 2016 and name the homeland security building after him.

Tying it all together,

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