District 200 Superintendent Leaving – $40,000 “gift”

May 29,2014 CUSD 200 announced that Dr. Harris was leaving immediately.  For the Wheaton Patch coverage see:


You can view his last contract and separation agreement via links on  http://www.cusd200.org/Page/27

Note: in May 2013 the board gave Dr. Harris a 5 year contract with $20,000 pay increase despite the fact that he still had two years left on a three year contract.  At the June board meeting M. Vitone and I (Jan Shaw) spoke out against this.  I was interrupted and scolded.  You can see this interaction and Public comments starting at the 10:25 mark in this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbvjDIeMiZo  And more comments at 2:07:20 (the end).

Now Dr Harris is leaving and the board is forgiving the $40,000 penalty that he should pay due to breaking the contract.  It was a 5-2 vote, with only Gambianni and Mathieson voting against it.  Next year, we need to keep Gambianni  and replace the other two board members that will be up for election.

Summary of the ten points of the Dr. Harris separation agreement – with my comments in ():

a – He will resign on May 29, 2014 and will no longer receive benefits… (OK)

b. He will return all District property  (OK)

c. This summer Dr. Harris will help pick his replacement (Really?  Why would you ask an ex-employee who is breaking a contract to do this?  Why give him this power?)

d. “Harris agrees that he will assist the District in completing the Community Engagement process, known as “Engage200,” including, at the discretion of the District, attendance at the final meeting of the District Community Engagement Session on June 18, 2014 to provide closure to the formal public portion of the process.” (He was not at the last meeting – These meeting were used to manipulate the public opinion)

e. Help announce his resignation (OK)

f. Help with the administrative closure to the 2013-2014 school years.  (OK)

g. Help organize the June 2014 board meeting (Why?  Is he the only one who knows what is going on?)

h. “Harris agrees to assist the District with collective bargaining negotiations until  agreement is reached with the Classified Employees Association.” (Why would they give an ex-employee this power?  Some teachers have told me that they are upset by the raises Dr. Harris and other administrators received while they held the line on pay increases.  There is a lack of transparency.  He is the wrong person to be doing this)

i. He will help with an orderly transition to next superintendent (OK)

j. “Harris agrees to perform all other duties, which are required for an orderly transition of Superintendents of Schools for the District.” (OK)

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