Smart Meter – Sample opt-out letter

Mr. Tom Przytulski
Commonwealth Edison
3 Lincoln Center
Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois 60181



Re: [your address]



Sent By Certified Mail

Dear Mr. Przytulski,

Per our telephone conversation several days ago, we are confirming with you our option
to “opt out” of the smart meter program with Com Ed. We are opting out for numerous
reasons, of which include:

1. Privacy issues

2. Security issues

3. Safety issues

4. Potential health issues

5. Escalating utility costs


According to the Com Ed website, Com Ed is not assuming any liability or responsibility

for these smart meters, nor guaranteeing any cost savings to the customer. We do not
believe the perceived benefits (if any) outweigh the risks (which in many cases have been
documented and have resulted in multiple lawsuits throughout the Country).
For the record, due to the legitimate reasons we have stated above, we are requesting a
permanent “opt out” of a smart meter at the above mentioned address (our residence).

We thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, and trust that Com Ed will
abide by our wishes as documented in this letter.




[your name(s) / signature(s) above ]

2 thoughts on “Smart Meter – Sample opt-out letter

  1. Nice letter. Too bad that ComEd will only allow you to opt-out if you pay your upcharge of $20 for causing them to have to come out to your house to read your meter. Eventually, they will change your meter to a smart meter anyway, but at least they got an extra $20 out of you until you finally give up and take their new meter.


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