STOP Smart Meter Deployment

open letter to City of Wheaton council members, Jeanne Ives (state Rep district 42) and Michael Connelly (state Senate 21).


We request that Illinois and the city of Wheaton reconsider the deployment of Smart meters (also known as “A.M.I.”).
They are too costly, provide little if any benefits to the customer, and there are unresolved issues of safety and privacy.
Smart Meters in Illinois – Background
Get A Smart Meter Or Else, Power Companies Telling Customers.  This article gives a brief history and lists concerns – ” Friedman believes that the smart power devices not only prompt an invasion of privacy, but pose health risks, as well..”


“Five years ago, Pennsylvania mandated Smart Meters for all homes with no research as to financial justification, or cost impacts, urged on by one-time Stimulus funding.”  Now, some would like to stop the implementation sighting results such as ” Maine’s fully implemented EMI-Smart Meter program is failing; After three years, theoretical cost savings have not materialized – costs are up – and rates must be raised”
Massachusetts  – D.P.U. 12-76-A – Investigation into Modernization of the Electric Grid
January 17, 2014  Concludes that smart meters are not worth the money.  What Massachusetts concluded applies to Illinois as well.
“The principle outcome of the Straw Proposal, however, is a mandate for the Companies to initiate the accelerated implementation of a particular technology choice, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”). The Department’s decision to mandate AMI comes without due consideration of key issues such as the immense cost attached to the technology choice; whether customers are willing and able to pay the price of this technology choice; whether the functionality provided by the technology choice will be utilized by customers or is even sought by customers”
Movie trailer “Take Back Your Power”
Laws regarding Smart meters in Illinios
Federal law  re: utility time of day billing:
Letter from Bill Posey, member of congress stating that “provisions within the 2005 Energy Policy Act allow for consumers to opt out of smart meter programs…”
What can the city do?
From Page 31 in the franchise agreement between the City of Wheaton and ComEd, the city can restrict what ComEd installs if there is a question of health, safety or welfare of the city’s citizens and their properties.
         9.1  Police Powers.  The City expressly reserves the right  to adopt, from time-to-time, in addition to the provisions contained herein, such ordinances, rules and regulations as the corporate Authorities may deem necessary in the exercise of the police powers for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the city’s citizens and their propertied. 
In 2012 the Chicago Trib ran an article
ComEd confirms smart meters involved in ‘small fires’
We have yet to verify that the Smart Meters being installed are UL certified as safe electrically, or FCC licensed for the data transmission.   We do understand that electrical rules do not necessarily apply to ComEd.
  • According to ComEd, the smart meter is model # GE I210+c.   A ComEd rep told us the UL # is e362579
  • If you look up the specs on GE website for GE I210+c, it does not list UL approval.
  • In looking up the UL # given by ComEd, it is a vague description of a GE Electric Meter with no specifics.
What we would like from the City of Wheaton
is for the city to ensure that the meters are safe.  The city can ban the Smart Meters until such time as ComEd has documented the safety of the meters.
If the city is sure that the meters pose no fire, security or health threat, the city still should ensure that all residents have enough notice and information to make an informed choice.  Furthermore, we believe the opt-out should be free and the city should tell all residents how they can opt-out.
This request applies to all municipalities.
Request for state legislators
What we would like from the state legislature is a change to the law requiring an OPT-IN rather than the opt-out,  and a rescinding of the requirement for the electric provider to hire more full time employees.
We also believe that they should require data from providers who have already installed smart meters to ensure that the program is delivering as advertised, and if the program is not delivering the promised results it should be halted immediately.
Publish Results
From ComEd and other providers in Illinois, we would like data.
  • How many smart meters have been installed to date?
  • How much has it cost?
  • Has there been a decrease in electric demand?
  • Can they document any other benefits due to the meters?
  • How many and what types of complaints regarding Smart Meters have they received?
  • How much have the meters impacted electric rates?
Request for Congress
  • Every Congressman should write a letter for their constituents similar to the one Rep. Bill Posey wrote.
  • Stop any federal funding for Smart meter implementation.
  • Require the above data from any provider that receives federal funding.


Jan Shaw

Wheaton, IL


3 thoughts on “STOP Smart Meter Deployment

  1. The city of Wheaton put out a press release today about
    their new video (propaganda) for Smart Meters

    We spoke at the last city council meeting, 4/7/2014, asking them to please find out and publicize how we can opt-out. We also reminded them that there are unresolved issues with privacy and safety. We followed up with emails to all council members containing more information. We first brought the issue to the city council in 2012. Had they even looked into it?

    When asked to let all residents know they opt-out, we were told the city cannot do that because that would be too expensive. But, there was an Earth Day flyer in every water bill, and this press release. Why are they helping ComEd hide the truth?

    Smart Meters (aka rationing meters) are too costly, provide little if any benefits to the customer, and there are unresolved issues of safety and privacy.


  2. Of course they do not want you to opt out. Some one is getting a nice kick back. If you do opt out, ComEd will just charge a nice $20 fee for forcing them to come read your meter. They will change it to a smart meter eventually…so no way out.


  3. I live in DuPage (City of Darien) and will soon be faced with having a smart meter installed. The problem is I am one of those electro hyper-sensitivity individuals that can not even have a cell phone turned on in the house at night if I want to sleep, it really irritates my nervous system. I can not use Wi-Fi, microwaves etc., do not own a smart phone. Did I mention that I am disabled? and can not afford lawyers to fight for me? How do I stop the smart meter installation? Is my only option to sell every thing I own and move out of the state of Illinois?
    Please help What do I do?


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