Keith Matune on High School District 99 (Downers Grove) Tax Levy (video)

Listen to Keith Matune explain why he voting against the D99 tax levy on 02/06/2014.  Much of what is being said by the other board members afterwards  sounds very familiar – this is not my district – Why are they all so similar?


Video clip available at:


In the video, Keith Matune says:

“Our state has produced a broken system where taxpayers in our communities are subject to the multiple taxing bodies that can increase taxes without officially requiring their approval as we are doing tonight.

If we adopt tonight’s proposed tax levy each taxpayer will find an increase of $30 roughly for each home assessed at $300,000. Now $30 doen’t seam like a large amount, in fact, it is pretty small, wouldn’t even fill up your gas tank. But, if each taxing body in Downers Grove, and Woodridge and our surrounding communities voted to raise taxes just below that 5% limit, under this approach you could potentially have each town, village council, park district, elementarty school district, College of DuPage, county governemtnt, etc. collectively increasing our property taxes betwene 200 and 400 follars combined. So, this simingly small amount turns into a larger burden collectively, which leads me to conclude that just because we can doesn’t mean we should.
And this levy practice is a menacing proposition for our taxpayers because process as it now exists does not compell taxing bodies to even have an honest conversion with its constituents. Simply stated taxing bodies can raise taxes through this type of levies without any taxpayer approval. Making matters worse,is the fact that the state Of Illinois offers district 99 and our community taxing entities like it, no other possitive options.

This process simply is not fair and reflects how broaken out systen is and our state.
So accordingly, I am going to vote No against this tax levy. And the reasonning why is very simple. We are still experiencing very tough economic times in which our friends and neighbors continue to endure the loss of jobs and home foreclosures.  And on top of these personal hardships people are opening their tax bills to see increased property taxes.

The situation makes for a perfect storm in which no one is left unaffected… This one doesn’t have a real demonstrated need for this additional money from our taxpayers. This budget mainly demonstrates the desire to raise taxes to the maximum allowable by law without having to put it before a public referendum…”

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