DuPage Rain Tax

On Aug 13, 2013 Governor Quinn signed HB1522, allowing DuPage County to enact a stormwater “utility fee” on all properties in the county. The fees, if enacted by the county, will have an adverse impact on property rights as well as being one more mandatory expense, with no guaranty of alleviating flooding.

  • Fees would be placed on ALL properties in DuPage County including homes, businesses, schools, churches and the forest preserves.
  • The fee-waiver system is designed to push property owners into installing and maintaining expensive green infrastructure on their property.  Once installed, unelected county staff will have control of it and your property.
  • Administering the new fee-waiver program will greatly increase the cost of storm water management.
  • Granting fee-waivers could open the door for corruption.
  • This new fee could be the largest tax increase in DuPage County history.


HB1522 became law on August 13, 2013

DuPage County has been trying to enact a fee for storm water maintenance for years now.  They finally convinced their “friends” in Springfield to pass a law on their behalf.  HB1522 passed both the House & Senate (with no DuPage Senators voting “yes” thanks to our phone calls), and Governor Quinn signed it (despite calls for a veto).  In Peoria, it will require a referendum to raise taxes or fees.  In DuPage, the county board can do it without citizen input.  It does not affect any other County – What happened to equal protection under the law?

While we agree that storm water management is an appropriate function of government, we believe that the law should apply equally to all counties, and that the taxpayers in each county should have the right to say “Yes” or “No” to increased taxes/fees via a referendum in their county.


At this point, the DuPage County board has not taken advantage of this new revenue generating technique.  But, they can in the future when we are not paying attention.

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