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Jefferson – what needs fixing?

CUSD 200 is now looking at a New Jefferson Pre-K building building (without referendum) because they tell us it is a better use of money than fixing the existing building.

I found a 2017 Jefferson Early Learning – Ten-Year Safety Survey Report.  Total estimated cost to fix all remaining Life safety issues is less than $2 million.

In the mean time the district has paid for architects to produce new building plans in

  • 2007 (decided to do a referendum for Hubble – Jefferson waited),
  • 2012 (for 2013 referendum),
  • 2016 (for 2017 referendum)
  • 2018 (they have decided to ignore the law requiring a referendum)

Why don’t we just fix the existing building?


Attached to the agenda for 3/8/2017 is the
“Jefferson 10-year safety survey report.pdf”
Total estimated cost to fix all Life safety issues is less than $2 million.

see it:  Jefferson 10-year safety survey report2017

“Life safety” found in old minutes:

March 2017 minutes

Acceptance and Approval of Ten-Year Life Safety Survey – … as presented.


There was a question with regard to the ten-year life safety survey. This was in reference to the impact of Jefferson having violations and outstanding life safety items to be addressed. Mr. Farley noted that once the items are noted, there is a timeframe that the items need to be addressed by the district. It was noted that the items listed are consistent with prior surveys. The ten-year life safety survey is a mandate in Illinois. [The estimated cost to address the life safety items for Jefferson is $1.8M.]


June 2013

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extension for Jefferson Early Childhood Center – This item was moved to Action Items.

Once a Life Safety Amendment has received all necessary approvals, a school district has three years in which to complete the projects identified. If the projects are not completed in that time frame an extension of time request form must be filed with the Regional Superintendents Office. These reports are due by July 1. When life safety amendments have been completed as certified by the district architect, they are also submitted to the Regional Office of Education to close the amendment items.

Legat Architects has been inspecting District 200 buildings for life safety compliance. They have compiled a list of outstanding amendments that require filing of the extension form with the Regional Office of Education. With the exception of the Jefferson amendment, all outstanding life safety amendments have been addressed through the referendum work at the schools. The following amendment is still outstanding:

June 2011

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extension – Recommend the approval of the life safety extension as requested.



June 2010

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extension – Recommend the approval of the extension as presented.


June 2009

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extension – Recommend approval of the life safety extension as presented.



June 2007

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extensions – Recommend the approval of the application to the Regional Office of Education for extension of the Life Safety projects at Jefferson School as presented.


March 2007

  • Since the last report, several FOIA requests have been received. They include the following: copier and fax bids, candidate petitions, life safety surveys, architect presentations, employee contracts, Board Meeting minutes, and the contract for the Herrick Road Property and related documents.


Feb 2007

  1. Approval of Ten-Year Life Safety Surveys – Recommend approval of the safety survey as presented.


June 2006

  1. Approval of Life Safety Extension – Recommend the approval of the application for a Life Safety Extension of Time for Jefferson School.

CUSD 200 set to approve a new pre-k without referendum.

The next Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200 school board meeting is Wed. 4/11/2018.  The agenda is posted

  • Click on “board of education” -> meeting agenda
  • Cick on the date
  • Then click on items and attachments to see what will be approved / discussed.

Building projects approved

  • At the March meeting, the board approved $2,136,380.00 for work on several buildings (secure entrances, tuckpointing, flooring…) and
  • $1,500,000.00 for the Jefferson escrow account.
  • In April, the plan is to approve $1,148,287.00 for paving and
  • the next phase of the new Jefferson project.


Jefferson estimate

Under action items, Approval to Proceed to the Construction Document Phase for the Early Childhood Center Project, the attachment provided by Legat Architects includes an estimate for the planned new Jefferson pre-school.

  • total construction cost $16,727,445
  • owners’ cost (such as landscaping) $369,675
  • post construction allowance (e.g., furniture) $1,288,125
  • Total estimate $18,385,245 
  • That does not include interest on the loan.


Can CUSD 200 afford it?

Last year, at the end of May 2017, CUSD 200 had less that $7 million in the bank.  At the rate the district is spending this year, what do they expect the balance to be at the end of May 2018?


Last year the $132 million referendum to cover maintenance on the other 19 school buildings as well as a new Jefferson failed.  Now they claim they can pay for a new Jefferson out of reserves and current revenue – without raising taxes.  How can that be?


Law? What Law?

Furthermore the law clearly state that a new building requires a referendum.

“Sec. 10-22.36. Buildings for school purposes. To build or purchase a building for school classroom or instructional purposes upon the approval of a majority of the voters upon the proposition at a referendum held for such purpose…”

Somehow, they have been convinced that the law does not apply.

So what will they decide at Wednesday’s meeting?