TUA – Top DuPage Pensions

According to Taxpayers United of America (TUA), 836 DuPage County Government Teacher Pensions are in the top 6.6% National Income Level.  click here.

  • Top 70 Naperville Police annual Pensions as of 6/30/2014 range from $106,595 to $20,465 view
  • Top 56 Naperville Fire annual Pensions as of 6/30/2014 rnge from $104,840 to $18,453 view
  • Top 50 Naperville Government Employees Pensions range from $156,146 to $51,539 view
  • DuPage County Government Schools Annual Pensions Over $100,000 has 836 entries ranging from  $284,674  to $100,007 view

“There are more than 11,054 Illinois annual government pensions over $100,000, in the state pension system alone, as of April 1, 2014; by 2020, there will be 25,000.” – TUA


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