Who has been in control?

Elections Have Consequences – your vote matters!
Do you like the direction that Illinois is going?How about the federal debt?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Who Controls the state of Illinois?

IL leadership

Democrats have held the majority in the Illinois House and Illinois Senate as well as the Governor’s office, Secretary of State and Attorney General since January of 2003. By the end of this term that will be 12 years.  Michael Madigan has been speaker of the House all but two years since 1983. At the end of this term he will have been Speaker for 30 out of the last 32 years.  His daughter, Lisa Madigan is Attorney General – the state’s top lawyer.

Who has Illinois sent to Washington DC?

IL sent to DC


The number of Congressional districts is the number of House seats and depends upon the population of the state vs. the entire country.  Illinois has been losing seats because we are losing population, or at least not growing as fast as the other states.  Congressional Districts are redrawn after each census (every ten years)


Which Party Controls the federal government?

who controls DC


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