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Who has been in control?

Elections Have Consequences – your vote matters!
Do you like the direction that Illinois is going?How about the federal debt?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Who Controls the state of Illinois?

IL leadership

Democrats have held the majority in the Illinois House and Illinois Senate as well as the Governor’s office, Secretary of State and Attorney General since January of 2003. By the end of this term that will be 12 years.  Michael Madigan has been speaker of the House all but two years since 1983. At the end of this term he will have been Speaker for 30 out of the last 32 years.  His daughter, Lisa Madigan is Attorney General – the state’s top lawyer.

Who has Illinois sent to Washington DC?

IL sent to DC


The number of Congressional districts is the number of House seats and depends upon the population of the state vs. the entire country.  Illinois has been losing seats because we are losing population, or at least not growing as fast as the other states.  Congressional Districts are redrawn after each census (every ten years)


Which Party Controls the federal government?

who controls DC


Smart Meter Legislation – who voted? & Who received Contributions?

ComEd can install Smart meters due to a bill, SB1652 which passed the Illinois House and Senate in 2011.  Who imposed this legislation?  They actually voted twice – the 2nd time to override Quinn’s veto of the bill.   Direct links are at the end of these instructions.  Instructions are here as an example for anyone wanting to look up other past legislation.

  • Start at
  • Scroll down and click on “Previous General Assemblies”
  • Pick “97(2011 – 2012)”
  • Click “Listing” in “Legislation & Laws       Listing   Search”
  • Under “Senate Bills” Pick SB1652
  • Scroll down, in the chart find the last vote, as in “10/26/2011 House              Override Governor Veto – House Passed 074-042-000”
  • Then click on the entries to find the final Senate and House over-ride votes

Senate override:

House override:




If you are curious which state legislators received ‘contributions’ from Comed and Ameren (the two utility company culprits behind this madness) and how much they received, follow this example:

  •  Go to
  •  Click on ‘Incumbents’
  •  Using Senator Christine Radogno as an example, click on ‘Senate’
  •  Enter ‘Radogno’ in the last name field, select ‘2009’ in the ‘From’ field, select ‘2011’ in the ‘To’ field, and click on ‘Search’
  •  Scrolling down, you will see 3 entries on the next screen, one for each year – click on the 2011 entry
  •  Scrolling down the next page, you will find Exelon/Com Ed with a contribution of $66,500
  •  Scroll down further and click on the Top 50 contributors – you’ll find Ameren to the tune of $28,500
  •  You can also start your search by identifying a contributor such as ‘Ameren’ or ‘Exelon’ – this is not only more revealing, but it helps to bring to life the term ‘corporatocracy’ that was referenced multiple times in the video “Take Back Your Power”

College of DuPage in the news

What is the purpose of the college?
Are they spending our money wisely?
Are they following the law?
Residents take note…


A censure for speaking out (Chicago Trib)


For the Good of Illinois’ report on the COD meeting of 8/21/2014 (with links to other reports and video)


AG: “You Have No Authority to Sanction”…


Open meetings act violations filed against the College of DuPage board.


…and from a few years ago


The Academic Bill of Rights (ABOR) which calls for an academic environment where decisions are made irrespective of one’s personal political or religious beliefs, was passed by to COD board in April 2009 and rescinded by the new board in May 2009.  Kim Savage and Nancy Svoboda who were new to that board voted to rescind and are up for election in 2015. New that year and voting to rescind, but no longer on the board is Sandy Kim. And new in 2009, still on the board, but not voting to rescind is Allison O’Donnell. Why is this important?  Because, we need good fiscally responsible people who do not condone indoctrination to run for COD board.


Fiscal 2012 these 4 for profit operation run by the College of DuPage lost $1.8+ million dollars.

  • Waterleaf Restaurant (576,000)
  • WDCB jazz radio station (592,000)
  • MAC entertainment center (519,000)
  • Inn at Water’s Edge hotel (152,000)

Total Loss (1,839,000)