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Zoning rules exist for a reason.  They keep a neighbor from changing their property in such a way that it devalues the surrounding properties.    With County board elections next week, a reminder is in order.

In 2009,  An Islamic group bought a house, zoned residential, near Army Trail and Smith in West Chicago IL, and began using it for religious services.  The quantity and frequency of traffic became problematic and so the neighbors complained about this illegal use of the property.  The early DuPage County Board meetings found against ICWS use of the property, but, having not finalized it, the saga went on and the final meeting found in favor of ICWS.

At all Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) board meetings from 2009 thru 2012 at which a decision regarding ICWS was made, they voted NO to the ICWS requests.  At one Development meeting they voted YES but the full County Board vote was not taken until 2012, at which point the county board voted NO to the conditional use request.   The NO vote from the county in 2012 should have ended this request forever.

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CUSD 200 will ALWAYS be in Debt

Feb 12, 2014 CUSD 200 Board Meeting
starting at the 1:13:10  time mark.
Jim Mahieson explained the tax code, how they can get around the tax cap and why we will always be in debt.

“… long term plan…

Basically there are two components… to the tax levy…

  • one is operating money and
  • the other is capital money or debt money…

The operating money can only go up with cpi… very limited.

The debt fund or the bond resource payment… there is technically no limit because that is determined when bond referendums are issued. Continue reading

Keith Matune on High School District 99 (Downers Grove) Tax Levy (video)

Listen to Keith Matune explain why he voting against the D99 tax levy on 02/06/2014.  Much of what is being said by the other board members afterwards  sounds very familiar – this is not my district – Why are they all so similar?


Video clip available at:


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