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Background – CUSD 200 $10,000,000 Bonds

Last year 60% of voters said “NO” to the  Jefferson Early Childhood Center referendum,  which was “urgent.”   Now, d200 plans to borrow $10,000,000 to repair other schools.  The district actually has a list of at least $40 million in on-going maintenance projects that should be done, $10 million of which they designated as urgent.  Jefferson will be on top of that.  Why hasn’t the district been keeping up with this all along?  How have they spent all the tax revenue?


Past Borrowing:

District 200 borrowed as non-referendum, working cash bonds the following:

sign petition – Oppose CUSD 200 $10 million bond

We put up a “go petition” to let our school district know that we are tired of being told to sit down and open our wallets. If you live in CUSD 200 and feel the same, please sign.

Petition Background (Preamble):

CUSD 200’s superintendent, Dr. Harris, claims that FY2014 is the fourth consecutive year of a balanced budget. The district also claims that they want our opinions and thus invited everyone to the Engage200 community engagement meetings.On January 15, 2014, CUSD 200 published the legally required Public Notice in the newspaper for their plan to issue $10 Million in new working cash bonds. That very evening at the first Engage 200 meeting, Dr. Harris did not mention the $10 Million figure, did not mention the public notice, and only vaguely referred to plans to obtain financing for the required work. How is that being transparent? Continue reading

ENGAGE200 – Wheaton-Warrenville, CUSD 200, Community engagement

CUSD 200 has hired UNICOM-ARC to facilitate community sessions.  The first one was held on  January 15th.  The next will be February 19th.  To keep these honest, we need taxpayers who are Taxed-Enough-Already in attendance.

— prior to the first meeting, I had emailed this to a couple friends —

The district is paying UNICOM $49,500 for this project, despite having a full time PR director and a very well paid superintendent.  Why?  Could it be because UNICOM is associated with the union and known for the Delphi technique? Continue reading

DuPage Rain Tax

On Aug 13, 2013 Governor Quinn signed HB1522, allowing DuPage County to enact a stormwater “utility fee” on all properties in the county. The fees, if enacted by the county, will have an adverse impact on property rights as well as being one more mandatory expense, with no guaranty of alleviating flooding.

  • Fees would be placed on ALL properties in DuPage County including homes, businesses, schools, churches and the forest preserves.
  • The fee-waiver system is designed to push property owners into installing and maintaining expensive green infrastructure on their property.  Once installed, unelected county staff will have control of it and your property.
  • Administering the new fee-waiver program will greatly increase the cost of storm water management.
  • Granting fee-waivers could open the door for corruption.
  • This new fee could be the largest tax increase in DuPage County history. Continue reading